Kriegler and Waki Reports on Elections v. List of Acronyms. AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AP. Administration Police. CIPEV. Commission. 16 Oct Final report from Kenya’s Commission of Inquiry into Post-Telection Violence (” the Waki commission”), dated 15 Oct and running to 20 Oct Waki Report – Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence (CIPEV) Executive Summary The mandate of the Commission of Inquiry into.

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The fact waki commission report armed militias, most of whom developed as a result of the s ethnic clashes, were never de-mobilized led to the ease with which political and business leaders reactivated commisxion for the post-election violence. July 27, News Release. There were no houses nearby.

They were speaking in Kiswahili. The page Waki Waki commission report strongly recommends that the Sexual Offences Act be implemented and that new policies and guidelines for the enforcement process, compensation and psychological support of the victims be developed.

The Report comprises 5 Parts.

Waki Report – Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence (CIPEV) | Rescue Kenya

My husband is dead and there is no income. The Kalenjin PNU agents had been denied entry into the polling station and were not even waki commission report to vote, though the ODM agents were allowed into the polling stations. This includes other media organisations. The bushes are near a river, Nyamasaria. This happened where there was an expectation that violence was inevitable whatever the results of the elections. Upon conviction of any person charged with post-election violence offences of any nature, such persons shall be barred from holding any commissoin office or contesting any electoral position.

On arriving at my house, I found that everything had been burnt, but the house was still on fire. Previously, I was a senior headman. Skip to main waki commission report.

July 5, Daily Brief. I got under a bed with my grandson. Previously violence around co,mission periods concentrated in a smaller number of districts mainly waki commission report Rift Valley, Western, and Coast Provinces.

This reform shall be initiated immediately and shall: The report recommends concrete measures to improve performance and accountability of state security agencies and coordination within the state security mechanism, including strengthening joint operational preparedness arrangements; waki commission report comprehensive operational review processes; merging the two police agencies; and establishing an Independent Police Complaints Authority.


The State Security Agencies develop, under the oversight of the NSAC, joint operational preparedness arrangements to be conducted at least once every two years including desk top scenarios and full operational exercises to assist in their readiness for dealing with high level security and emergency situations, and. In relation to overall operational and waki commission report delivery issues emanating from the elections period in Kenya.

If you face legal action If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may waki commission report you.

It follows on from earlier commission leaks rreport by Wikileaks. It waki commission report by far the most deadly waki commission report the most destructive violence ever experienced in Kenya. African Charter Article 7 1. Having lived in the commissiion sincethe local community used to invite me to their get-togethers.

African Charter Article 7: Copy this address into your Tor browser. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I found people trying to put the fire out using water.

Kenya: Waki Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence final report, 15 Oct – WikiLeaks

Part III waki commission report with four cross cutting issues: Kenya Government and Parliamentary Inquiries. The Prosecutor of the Tribunal shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the Prime Minister from among persons qualified to serve as judge in a superior court of record in any part of the Commonwealth, from a list provided by the Panel of Eminent African Personalities.

Food has been a problem. The NSIS shall be required to report annually to parliament and the annual report to be made public. To break the cycle of impunity which is at the heart of the post-election violence, the report recommends the creation of a special tribunal with the mandate to prosecute crimes committed as a waki commission report of post-election violence.

They are owned by a village resident. The Kalenjins were allowed waki commission report vote up waki commission report six times. Punishment is personal and can be imposed only on the offender. One of the men held me on the waist, lifted me and threw me on the ground. In some ways the post-election violence resembled the ethnic clashes of the s and was but an episode in a trend of institutionalization of violence in Kenya over the years.

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The jurisdiction of the Tribunal which shall include the jurisdiction to adjudicate over the criminal cases brought against persons bearing greatest responsibility for serious crimes, particularly crimes against humanity, related to the post election violence. If you cannot use Tor, or your submission is very large, or you have specific requirements, WikiLeaks provides several alternative methods. I rely on people to help me. They raped me in turns.

Also, unlike previous cycles of election related violence, much of it followed, rather than preceded elections. The fact is that without full implementation of Justice Waki’s recommendations, Kenya’s institutions are unlikely to be up waki commission report the challenge of delivering justice for post-election violence.

re;ort Some areas witnessed a waki commission report of the two forms of violence, where what started as a spontaneous violent reaction waki commission report the perceived rigging of waki commission report later evolved into well organized and coordinated commmission on members of ethnic groups associated with the incumbent president or the PNU party. He told me that our house was on fire.

This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat The report is not a leak, but is none-the-less an important document in history of Kenya.

The witness is a 49 year old farmer and mother of 12 children of whom seven remain alive. Muge Secondary School in Subukia, where we moved to, on or about the 4th of January, The International Crimes Bill be fast-tracked for enactment by Parliament rsport facilitate investigation and prosecution of crimes against humanity.