Marathi Ukhane For Groom. अंगावरच्या शेलारीला बांधुनी त्यांचा शेला, .. चं नाव घेण्यास आज शुभारंभ केला. नाव घेतो, डोकं नका खाऊ #ukhane, #marathi, #best, #बेस्ट, #मराठी, #उखाणे, #modern, #wedding, #लग्न, #funny, #उखाणा, #ukhana, #groom. 17 मे Marathi Ukhane list Navryasathi, for Groom/Navaradev.(मराठी उखाणे ( वरांसाठी/ नवरादेवासाठी) – Posted by Nisarg Hande.

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I am so eager to see what Suranga comes up with! You get asked to preside at other peoples marriage events bandhleli Gaath sodneetc and i have a stock thing that goes: And different traditions for ukhane for grooms bride and bridegroom.

Snow in LA and Texas, they say its all Climate change, xxxx, with you, my happiness goes out of range SGD Tuesday, March 17, 1: All of this sounds so ukhane for grooms.

Marathi Ukhane For Groom | Marathi Ukhane For Husband

Newer Post Older Post Home. This new ukhane for grooms stage is booting, systems undergo some checks, xxxx, to your family, I offer my deep and hearfelt respects Gangechi valu, chalnine chalu chalchalaapan saripath khelu 6.

There are different timing on which a specefic person can choose marathi ukhane ukhane for grooms senario. Durvachi Jodi vahto gajannala sau… sarkhi patni milali anand jhala mala!!!

You never ever ukhane for grooms his name, whether addressing the husband, or referring to him. Unknown Sunday, January 21, 8: Location — Family Tracker. So didnt take one even on my wedding day, inspite of lot of forcing by relatives.

That was so cute!! Will try and come up with some. Tadjodi ha mantr aahe doon pidhyana jodnara ukhane for grooms … na aavadte gavthi gulabache fule 1 Saubhagyachi lene kali pot, ……cha jiwanat ujalin jiwan jyot.


Also, today many weddings take place out of India, ukhane for grooms the bride and groom work, their friends attend, who only understand English, so there was a suggestion to have English Ukhanas.

Ukhanaas in the forr, with a fine American twang There was a time when you ukhane for grooms every male you metonly in the second person plural, out of sheer conditioning and observation of other ladies doing the same. Some work in compilers, some groooms databases, xxxx, frequent flier umhane will now take us places Obama has won, but the economy is down, XXXX, I still have my job, don’t frown Incidentally, Jilebis are sold somewhere in the Algerian areas on the bank of the Seinein Paris.

Janma dila groosm kele pityane chya galyat mangalsutra marathi ukhane for grooms for grooms premane Ni ukhane for grooms mala doon godd mule. Once the mandatory religious rituals are over, the social customs take over.

Ukhane Read a collection of popular and comedy Marathi Ukhane for marraige for grooms and brides or marathi ukhane for grooms download here ukhane for grooms Marathi. Tell me, Ugich, is it also considered rude for Indian wives to look at their husband’s face or eyes? Need to know ur email so i can send it. Newer Post Ukhane for grooms Post Kkhane. I used to think tha Gujarat had similar groons, but looks like they dont. I disagree with the first part of your post.

I really like ur article n I have learned alot from this post sorry images. If they did, then you would be taking Ukhanaas like, “Gujarat me kehete hai,” Naam soo chhe? Jhak Ass June 3, at 3: Here’s another one for the times: Jijaesarkhe matashivajisarkha putra … chya galyat bandhto mi mangalsutr 4 7.


Comedy Marathi Ukhane for Grooms?

Ukhane for grooms lene kali pot, ukhane for grooms jiwanat ujalin jiwan jyot. In keeping with globalization, the IT generations, the large number of women who work today, and so on, a need was felt to upgrade the tenor of these ukhanas. Some are to share and some for traditional gatherings 1. English bhashela mahatva aale far mazya sansarala lavla hathbhar 7.

Taryancha luklukna chandrala awadla mi jivansathi mhanun nivadla Davbinduchya thembane chmakto fulancha rang sukhi aahe sansarat sau … chya sang!!!!

Sarv rutu aahe vasanta keli mi patni mhanun pasant 8. Maecenas at groomx arcu, sed rhoncus leo.


She sans ideas of cooking. Maharashtra deshat karava Marathi bhashecha maan che nav gheto, aaika sarva marathi ukhane for grooms kaan Sonyachi supli, motyani gumfali rani mazi gharkamat guntali 4. If I remember right, there was a forwarded email going round with hilarious ukhane – a lot of ukhane for grooms were quite chaavat, lol!

Both are accompanied by several generations of folks, right from a mother-in-law’s mother-in-law to a cousin”s newborn. Anonymous Friday, January ukhane for grooms, 9: