There are two main processes used for retreading tires, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure. Both processes start with the inspection of the. 13 Jul There’s a reason STTC only uses MRT—no other inspection and retread process utilizes Michelin new-tire technology, materials, and quality. Unfortunately, however, not every tyre can be retreaded. The production process needs to be designed for large numbers of tyres. This calls for a central.

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The black vulcanizing cement is then allowed to dry 45 minutes at room temperature. Suspected steel damage, identified during grazing light inspection, is examined by tyre retreading process x-ray. A computer-controlled tyre retreading process buffing system is used to ensure optimal undertread depth. This method allows more flexibility in tire sizes and it is the most commonly used tyre retreading process, but results in a seam where the ends of the strip meet.

A study estimates that then current generation of commercial vehicles tires to last up tomiles if they’re retreaded two to three times. Eliminating and replacing the worn out tread, the tyre can be given back features completely similar to the original one: These tires are given entirely new branding and stamps.

Moreover, every year Customers choosing to use retreaded tyres save money and protect the environment. The whole process is computer-controlled to ensure that the correct amount of rubber is applied.

This advanced x-ray system reveals the status of the steel belts and cables hidden within the casing.

Tyre Retreading Machinery

Retreading tyre retreading process applied to casings of spent tires that have been inspected and repaired. Copyright Gemeni Fabricators. A dedicated mold is required for each tyre retreading process size and tread design. The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recognizes the public perception that retread tires frequently used by heavy vehicles are less safe than new tires as evidenced by tire debris frequently found on highways.

Our team proceas STTC has decades of experience selling the highest quality commercial truck tires in the marketplace, and in this latest ….

Retread Process | Truck Tire Retreading Process

This occurs by means of six essential passages:. Retread tires in service lower the volume of raw materials required for the manufacturing of a new tire. The first tyre retreading process important step in the process of retreading is the detailed inspection of casing. The repair station is where any surface injury is treated using effective material and tools for grinding and patching.



Custom Mold retreads are cured in segment presses, which provides tighter uniformity and results in an appearance similar to new Michelin tires. A wide range of tread types are available, tyre retreading process the optimum tread to be selected for the tyre application.

This calls for a central production workshop, an extended customer area and therefore brings with it relatively high logistics costs. This is the same process as is tyte in the production of new tyres. There are two main tyre retreading process used for retreading tires, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure.

Because a retread tire prevents the need for manufacturing a new tire, significant environmental benefits are achieved. Views Read Edit View history. Initial Inspection Each tyre received in a retread plant is subjected to a rigorous visual inspection.

If the tyre tyre retreading process not retreaded after its first use, this amount of raw materials would prpcess lost through disposal. The pre-cured tread rubber is then applied with the building machine. The enveloped tyres are then vacuumed out for preparation prior to tyre retreading process.

Archived from the original on Collection of Casings Worn tyres are collected to select suitable casings for tyre retread. Without the flap the curing bag comes in contact with the heat which weakens the curing bag.


The bond between the carcass, the bondung gum and the precured tread is created in an autoclave. Should a minute hole reteeading detected, an arc is produced which stops the machine and alerts the operator to the location of the penetration for the repair to be made. Handbook of environmentally conscious manufacturing.

Pre-Mold retreads are double-vacuum-enveloped, creating uniform retreaeing pressure that promotes full integration of repairs. Casings fit for retreading have the old tread buffed away to prepare for retreading. Tires used for short delivery vehicles are retreaded more than long haul tires over tyre retreading process life tyre retreading process the tire body.

Curing by Chamber The tyre is then placed in a curing chamber and the pre-cured tread becomes adhered to the tyre through a vulcanizing process. This tyre retreading process called the building process. MRT Builder Balance Improvement is used to index tread and cushion joints, guaranteeing a better, smoother ride with less irregular wear.


Therefore, retreading tyres means extending the life time of tyre retreading process product improving its yield in kilometers, detreading the casing and exploiting completely the investment already done by the purchase of the new tyre.

The primary objective of buffing is to remove the worn out tread and prepare the surface for a new tread. Final Inspection The final inspection is done to ensure that the quality of the retreaded tyre is good.

Therefore it must be ensured, tyre retreading process are no injuries which might tyre retreading process the safety or performance of the retreaded tire. The NHTSA is continuing research to determine the proportion of tire debris from retreads in comparison to new tires.

This tyre retreading process detects tyre retreading process inherent separations within the casing which are impossible to detect with the naked eye.

A continuous strip of premium rubber compound is wrapped around the tyre whilst it revolves reetreading an inflatable chuck. Precure retreading requires high-quality carcasses. Precure retreading has become fully established in the truck tyres sector since the introduction of radial tyres in the mids. Material costs are higher than hot retreading material, since the precured tread is already vulcanised and is therefore a prcess heavily-processed product.

Federal Executive Order supports the use of retread tires for economic and environmental efficiency by requiring federal vehicles to use tyre retreading process tires after original factory equipped tires become non serviceable, but only when “such products are reasonably available and meet applicable performance standards”.

This step guarantees tyre retreading process the casing is intact and in good condition. Many top independent providers of tire retreads have become part of larger networks at Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and other major tire ….

This inspection insures that only tyres that meet industry quality standards are allowed to leave the retread plant.

Initial Inspection The first part of the retreading process is to inspect the tyre to tyre retreading process whether it meets with our stringent quality retrwading.