TUBEROSE (Polianthes tuberosa L.) Amaryllidaceae. Varieties Single –Calcutta Single, Mexican Single, Phule Rajani, Prajwal, Rajat Rekha, Shringar. SHOP ALL TUBEROSE If you’re a gardener who loves scent, you’ll flip for tuberose. This bulb produces tall flower spikes with numerous tubular blooms and a. 25 Feb Fragrant, showy flowers in late summer lead many to plant tuberose bulbs. Read this article to learn more about the care of tuberose flowers in.

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Flowers are ready for harvest in approximately days of planting. How to Grow and Protect Gerbera Flower. Keep the soil consistently moist before and during the period of bloom that occurs in late summer. Normally, during summertime April-Juneit should be irrigated at weekly intervals and during winters in 10 days intervals. Earthing Up Tuberose plants should be earthed up when they attain a height of 30 cm and process is repeated after weeks to get a cultivaion height of 15 cm of the soil.

Pests and Diseases in Tuberose Cultivation: Commercial cultivation of Tuberose crop is an excellent option under high saline-alkaline soil conditions. Polianthes tuberosawhich is also called the Polyanthus lily, has a strong and enticing fragrance that furthers its popularity.

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Keep up to date with all that’s happening in and around the garden. Best results of blooms come from the cultivar Mexican Single, which is highly fragrant. Pack loose flowers in baskets. Tuberose commonly known as Rajni gandha. The spikes are clipped by using a sharp knife that gives a clean cut, leaving approximately 4 to 5 basal portion of the scape in order not to damage the growing bulb. Marketing in Tuberose Cultivation: The showy blooms are commonly found in the United States.

How to Grow and Protect Roses. Usually irrigation of the tuberose depends on soil type, climate and season. Nevertheless under saline conditions, 77 kg of N, 51 kg P2O5 and 36 kg K2O per hectare is discovered to be effective.

Tuberose Cultivation Guide: How to Grow Tuberose flowers

They may also be air dried for seven to 10 days and stored in a cool location at 50 F. Irrigation in Tuberose Cultivation: Buy Tuberose from here How to Grow Tuberose flowers.

Treat the bulblets with Bavistin 0. A moderately warm temperature should be maintained. In sandy loam soil planting of bulbs is done in the depth of 6. You can even grow these wonderful flowers even on terrace pots. Sign up for our newsletter.

Tuberose Cultivation Guide: How to Grow Tuberose flowers

Planting is deeper in sandy soil as compared to clay soil. Tuberose plant info indicates the rhizomes can be damaged at conditions of 20 F.


Tuberose is sensitive to the stresses of storage and transportation. Tuberose cultivation is picking up in Ariyalur district.

Tuberose Plant Info: Learn About The Care Of Tuberose Flowers

Plant tuberose bulbs in spring when all danger of tuberoose is past. Vase Life Tuberose is sensitive to the stresses of storage and transportation.

The spacing of the plants varies from region to region. However, you can also find flower agents who can come and collect flowers from your garden.

Read more articles about Tuberose. Welcome to Krishi Sandesh! How to Grow Roses through disbudding.

Paruthipattu lake on city outskirts to get eco-park on lines of Chetpet. Dipping the bulbs in 4 percent solution of Thiourea will divide the resting period. Tuberose plant info varies as to which gardening zones can leave the bulbs in the ground over the winter. Clusters of large white blooms tjberose on stalks that can reach 4 feet in height and rise from grass-like clumps.