Another Redwall adventure you won’t forget! The devious ruler Vilaya the Sable Quean and her hordes of vermin have a plan to conquer Redwall. And when. 3 Jun The courageous Redwall creatures band together as Vilaya, the evil Sable Quean, and her horde of vermin attempt to make off with the young. 23 Feb The Sable Quean: A Tale of Redwall. by Brian Jacques. Redwall Abbey is hundreds of years old. It has withstood countless assaults and.

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I loved Diggy because he was the typical hare residing in many other Redwall books, with his bally whosits and wot wots and bottomless stomach. Ultimately, it was a fine installment, but not one of the best.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. To put it short, all the characters were fun to read about, and the only one who took some time to grow on me was Flib, but that’s because queean took a while for her aggressiveness and rudeness to grow into intrepidity. Once again, Brian Jacques comes through with a brilliant, heartrending battle between good and evil.

By the time the outraged Vilaya caught up with Zwilt, he had the whole army on his side, ready to march to Redwall for battle. Enter search query Clear Text.

The Sable Quean

Charming characters and a strong villain, but suffers from several unnecessary plot threads that could have been cut out with no loss. The cast do their accents brilliantly, so if you love a rip-roaring tale, go for it. This book is wable familiar yet unique in that way only the great Brian Jacques could accomplish.

Not to mention the odd fight between good and good, there? Axtel, digging his way into Althier, barges into the new prison cave, managing to rescue the toddlers Tassy and Borti.

While Zwilt is busy fighting the hare that I think was supposed to be the “main” hero of the novel Buckle, with little to no character like everyone else in hereClarinna picks up the sword of Martin and takes matters into her own hands.


In rage, the Sable Quean stabs the young otter with a poisoned blade she wears in a phial about her neck, slaying him.

Was a bit disappointed when Clarinna’s moment of badassery turned out to be under the thrall of Martin’s spirit. The quest to rescue her from her own magic proves difficult, humorous, and at times very frightening.

The Sable Quean (Redwall, #21) by Brian Jacques

View or edit your browsing history. She managed to outrun the wounded Axtel, but Ambrevina eventually caught up with her; the badgermaid pounced upon the sable and flattened her to the ground. Though Zwilt thought that they could overcome Redwall by force rather than subterfuge, he still carried out Vilaya’s orders obediently.

But the warrior’s desire is still center of it all, that obsession of the noblest and strongest woodlanders to combat injustice to their dying breath, standing up to murderous bullies such as Zwilt and Vilaya who prey on the young and helpless, giving those nefarious characters a taste of their own medicine when they run up against a warrior greater than they. Abbess Marjoram discusses the position with Buckler sanle several others, who agree to lead a wuean into Mossflower to search for the young ones.

Several of the captive young ones, led by Flandor the otter, Tura the squirrel, and Flib’s younger sister Midda, try without success to figure out a workable escape plan. His dialogue is lively and delightful to read aloud…so rich in detail that the sights and sounds and smells of the adventure pull the reader in.

There’s a swarm of Dibbun-napping vermin commanded by two deadly sables, a gang large and mean enough to rip Redwall Abbey from its hallowed foundations; a kindly water vole living on tye own but with a welcoming heart to lost and frightened Dibbuns, an asset to the community that hasn’t found her niche; an insane hermit of an animal species that usually numbers among the good guys, but not every hedgehog is a wholesome woodland creature; and a perilous warrior mole armed with a Thor-like hammer, driven mad by Bloodwrath in the chaos of combat to devastate superior numbers of vermin foe.

The Ember War Saga: Another win Brian Jacques’s full cast of narrated stories are so fun to listen to. Ultimately, there were original elements.


So they asked Buckler and Diggs if they would help and they could not move the boat at all. Beyond reproach This is a fabulous recording which has occupied us for many a car journey and had us laughing out loud and fully captivated. John’s foreshadowed his future career as an author; given an assignment to write a story about animals, he wrote a short story about a bird who cleaned a crocodile’s teeth.

At this point, I’m really just reading the new Redwall books out of habit rather than out of any real enjoyment. We travelled an’ fought an’ feasted, we triumphed, we marched and songs were sung, We faced death, saw life and adventure! They join in the battle against the Ravagers’ battering ram at the front gate, not knowing that Zwilt and four of his soldiers are attempting to force a secret entrance from the back.

I suppose it’s the title of the book because Vilaya is the one who conducts the kidnapping of all the woodland babies and the two Redwall Dibbuns, which is what starts the whole thing in the first place.

I had read 20 of the 22 Redwall books in my day, and when my friend got hold of number 21 I thought it would be well worth a read. The villain was one of the few female villains, and that always helps mix things up a little, but over all this one wasn’t particularly memorable for me. Just as she catches up with Vilaya, the sable trips the badger with her cloak, hoping to throw her off.

The Sable Quean (Redwall, book 21) by Brian Jacques

By then the vermin had allready retreated and Vilaya was slayed. He is Zwilt the Shade, and he is evil. Zwilt and Vilaya have grabbed more than just Abbey-babes: I think thf the book was intended for young adults. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Speaking of which, I was on edge during that fight.