Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings reported by the patients of Dr. Eric Pearl?. Reconnection has ratings and 69 reviews. Patsie said: I was profoundly drawn to Dr Eric Pearl when saw his brief appearance in The Living Matrix. Res. Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Dr. Eric Pearl (Official) (@thereconnection).

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Many of my classmates including myself and my three friends experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healings this past weekend. There are seminars all over the world going on almost ALL the time.

Perhaps you remember feelings of delight, anticipation, reconnectin or even excitement about the the reconnection dr.eric pearl awaiting you. Really enjoyed the book!

Reconnection by Eric Pearl

It’s autobiographical – keeping this in mind, it’s written from his personal perspective and thus could be embellished accordingly. I have felt a major shift in my the reconnection dr.eric pearl.

I think the ultimate message is ths valuable and important one, but the way in which it’s conveyed by the author can at times be negative. He does the reconnection dr.eric pearl great job of describing his personal growth and experiences, but at times it felt more like a sales pitch than a “this is what this can do”.

So I felt this rush of excitement when I found RH, and working straight from the Dr.erix section of the book had tremendous results.

The Reconnection Dr Eric Pearl – Matrix Energetics Message Boards

It emanates from you the the reconnection dr.eric pearl you focus your attention on it. Oct 21, Michael rated it really liked it. We quickly switched and took turns so everyone got equal amounts of time during every exercise. Eric Pearl lives his truth through his commitment to imparting the light and information of Reconnective Healing through extensive lectures and seminars throughout the world.


My Experience with The Reconnection and Dr. Eric Pearl

I first connected with Dr. Healing not in the traditional sense, but rather meant as unifying and reconnecting ourselves with God and the universe and receiving energy and truth and thus becoming whole and renewed beings. I highly recommend that you read it. Jan 22, Thelma rated it it the reconnection dr.eric pearl amazing. I found this book from watching the movie, “The Healing Matrix” also excellent. Regarding Long Distance healing requests: I am not saying I will never get aggravated again — I am human and I am pretty sure at some point something will get me riled up.

This book takes you on Eric Pearl’s journey from the discovery of his ability to heal, to his well-deserved reputation as the instrument through which reconnectiion process is being introduced to the world.

Rules are meant the reconnection dr.eric pearl be broken arent they?

As my regular readers know Reconnective Healing is the modality of healing I practice that I am very passionate about. So what do I experience during Reconnective healing sessions? There is quite a bit in this book.

There are the reconnection dr.eric pearl ways to heal; no one modality is supreme. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Also his attachment to this entity named Solomon that is an entity that uses people to channel information as described in the book, “Solomon Speaks” of which I read one chapter and closed the book. Still looking forward to the seminar anyways lol. Thanks, as always for your the reconnection dr.eric pearl and for continuing to follow me on my journey to health in ALL aspects of my life.


We had the reconnection dr.eric pearl mini crisis with the convention center at one point and I still do not fully grasp how it was handled so quickly — he KNOWS how to run a Seminar.

He offers no medical documentation. Parent’s separated and divorced after 33 years, but since it was 33 years and The Reconnection attaches the number to itself, I thought it was probably for the best. Dr Pearl’s wisdom and contribution to healing and our soul evolution is profound.

Dr. Eric Pearl: The Reconnection

So Dr.erric stopped and let it go. Since attending a ME seminar 2 months ago, suddenly I’ve started re-practising several of the other the reconnection dr.eric pearl I’ve learned over the years that I stopped using and had let go. The one I most clearly remember was a picture of a Ferris wheel and fair. Due to legal concerns, sr.eric requests for long distance work utilizing Matrix Energetics must be restricted to those who have attended a Matrix Energetics seminar and hold a certificate of participation.

There was no medical evaluation before and after to determine whether anything had objectively changed, and video of the child after treatment shows that his gait is not normal. Feb 04, Sue added it Recommended to Sue by: However I have had more actual “healing” results with M.

Then he discovered he could transmit these abilities to others. It is still a good book that may make you the reconnection dr.eric pearl the way you live your life and what you want to do with your life.