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If he har more in sympathy with the Nazis than other generals, it was partly because he was more idealistic — while his romantic enthusiasm easily blinded him to aspects he did not care to see.

Beyond that there was the lack of any adequate general reserve in the West. That picture was true of the last war, but rhe now out of date.

He supplemented this framework with a variety of underground schemes by which officers could gain wider experience than was practicable in an army compulsonly deprived of the major modern weapons, and by which ex-officers could be kept from getting rusty. The Great Leveler Walter Scheidel. The plan was of their design, and the campaign was swiftly successful. Beck then read the memorandum. They got under his skin — as did Roosevelt’s later.

But it is an historical mistake to overrate their importance in making possible Germany’s renewed burst of aggression. Himmler followed this up by producing another dossier in which homosexual charges had been fabricated against General von Fritsch, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, whereupon he in turn was removed from his post by Hitler — and never reinstated, though subsequently vindicated after a court of inquiry.

Othet avoid anticipating the fuller picture that emerges from the accounts of the generals, in Part III, this interim chapter will be liddeol to a brief indication of the course of tge, still in teims of the chief military personalities concerned. Any such military organization can be destroyed in so far as it is a physical substance, but not in respect of its activities as a thinking organ — thought cannot be suppressed.

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Preface It is easy to see how Hitler hoodwinked aud handled them, tne found them good instruments up to a point In sifting and piecing together their evidence it was useful to have a background lliddell of the military situation in the pre-war period. Momentarily, Zeitzler was dazzled.

Instead of attacking a strongly defended position, one might lure the enemy out of position, draw him into making a rash advance or hurried assault, catch him in a trap, and then exploit his disorder by delivering one’s own real stroke — in the more deadly form of a riposte.

The prospects of the main advance into the Caucasus, and of securing the oilfields there, were sacri- ficed to his desire to retrieve the check suffered by the subsidiary advance on Stalingrad, the original object of which had merely been to secure nill cover for the avenue of advance into the Caucasus.

The Other Side Of the Hill

Apart from the long-term risks, they did not believe that it was even possible to overcome France. Henceforth the “Bohemian Corporal bill ‘ would dictate to the generals in their own sphere, and their power would be limited to advice or protest. In the tactical sphere Blomberg helped to give an important turn to the trend of development. But once again their pro- tests were overruled, and their subsequent talk of a con- certed move to overturn Hitler came to nothing.

As a tactician, his qualities tended to eclipse his defects. Hitler became so angry under his sense of injury as to press matters further and quicker than he had intended. A postage refund will be made after the order hiill been placed. Rundstedt also held the view that the main “Soldier in the Sun’ 9 — Rommel 59 Allied offensive would come direct across the Channel at its narrower part, between the Somme and Calais, whereas Rommel became more concerned with the possibilities of an invasion of Western Normandy, between Caen and Cherbourg.

Rather, he was too brilliant — and suffered from the natural faults that tend to accompany such brilliance. It is split by its own c politics” and personal ambitions. From this it was a natural step for him to become Commander- in-Chief of the Reichswehr, the small army ofofficers and men to which Germany was restricted under the terms of peace.

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That was due to the Higher Command’s continued belief that the Normandy landings were only a prelude to larger landings between Le Havre and Calais. Within the text there are four maps. He had remarked to a number of his own subordinate commanders that Germany’s only hope now lay in doing away with Hitler thhe quickly as possible, and then trying to negotiate peace.

By making himself actual Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht the armed forces as a wholeHitler naturally increased the importance of its executive organ, the Ober- kommando der Wehrmacht — a title commonly shortened to O. Even the highest commanders were subjected to an unbearable tutelage. Maurizio Pozzi rated it really liked it Aug 30, One of the most notable occasions is that involving the British invasion of Dunkirk, around which much nonsense about British heroism continues to be spoken.

For the burden of attack- ing, at a disadvantage, was thereby thrown on the Allied armies in any attempt to force open the trap and reunite their severed parts.

The Other Side Of the Hill by Liddell, Hart B H

Paperbackpages. In Seeckt’s view, “the operating army 55 should consist The Mould of Seeckt 23 of “professional, long-term soldiers, volunteers as far as possible”.

Moreover, as fast as the German armoured divisions drove towards the Channel coast, cutting a pocket in the Allied front, the motorized divisions followed them up to form a defensive lining along the whole length of the pocket. Rundstedt, giving me his account of the conference, 40 The Other Side of the Hill said — “When Beck had finished reading the memorandum, Brauchitsch got up and asked whether any of those present had objections to raise before it was sent to Hitler.

That could not be undone. He showed an eager interest in new military ideas, especially those that promised a new artistry in tactics as a game of skill, but was still more enthusiastic about the possibilities of resuscitating The Blomberg-Fritsch Era 29 the code of chivalry.