25 Jan This month I read another book for a third time. The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas ( , tr. Elizabeth Rokkan ) was previously published by. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas. 25 Jan When Unn decides to explore the Ice Palace alone and doesn’t return, Tarjei Vesaas died at the age of 72 in the same small village where he.

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Sex is buried deep at the bottom of this story: Nordic Council’s Literature Prize of During this same meeting, Unn tells Siss she has a secret, but she never reveals what that secret is. A Day in Ostrobothnia — Antti Tuuri Was she imagining their connection?

Jan 31, Sinem A. A hard frost in late autumn. View all 13 comments. Knowing, each time you try to wiggle that finger or listen to the incomplete thud of your heartbeat, you will painfully remember what is missing. The film focuses slightly more on Unn’s secret feelings than the novel, but otherwise it’s very true to the book, with the same slow snow-laden pace.

Pain existed only in the service of the story, and it always came to an end. It was the promise that gave Siss the solemnity she needed for Unn.

She invites her over to her house. A girl runs home: During this meeting Siss and Unn, uncomfortably like new born horses attempting to stand on owns legs, are trying to make friendship, shyly and awkwardly examine own faces in the mirror. For, as the ice. When they don’t take the chance, she feels they’re planning something, reality fracturing.


Thrill of discovery, journey through mesmerizing rooms built by water and cold; an enigmatic eye that brings relief. When does the shift happen so you can know what it felt like again? It was only her to whom she might’ve opened up, veaas she did not, and it shall remain, remain to be forgotten.

The Ice Palace

Unn looked down into an enchanted world of small pinnacles, gables, frosted domes, soft curves and confused tracery. It’s a mouth smiling. It showed me that not every secret needs to be revealed.

As for the novel itself, yes it deserves the hype. As a child I read my favorite books over and over but as an adult have felt that since I will never get to all the books I want to read, there is just not enough time.

The passages describing Unn’s exploration of this eerie place are among the most extraordinary and poetic in the book — indeed the poetry so weighs on the prose that eventually one chapter is completely overtaken: And it’s a fantastic structure, overwhelming the little girl: Re-reading might be done for comfort reasons: View all 36 comments. She did not yet dare palaxe do so — only in a few swift snatches when she forgot.

Anna, I, Anna — Klaus Rifbjerg In here is living warmth.

Books Behaving Badly: A Tale Of Real Life In Ink

The picture begins to waver, flows out to the edges, collects itself, no it doesn’t. Sadly there is no introduction or other supplementary material in this new edition, which is exactly what a troubling text like this needs. Your arm is warm beneath the snow And a welcome weight on mine.

Apr 05, Mariel rated it ife liked it Recommends it for: Meet an author who lived in an isolated village in Telemark, a mountainous region in southern Norway, who loved the countryside so much, he stayed there until his death.


Nov 15, Lynne King rated it it was amazing Shelves: And like a diffide When a few dotted lines can cuff my veszas into a promise and bind my palms over it in sombre armory, keep me lain in its pristine shadows for hours and yet freeze the time in crystalline imagery, I beam at the prospect: She stared wide-eyed into a strange fairy-tale.

It was said to look like a palace, and nobody could remember it happening before. An only child, she is also the center of her parents’ attention.

Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking sources Books with missing cover Articles containing Nynorsk-language text. Shiny, cold and inaccessible and yet so tempting. When the search for Unn remains fruitless, people wonder if Siss knows more about the disappearance than she lets on.

Tarjei Vesaas: The Ice Palace | Asylum

View all 12 comments. He ran the business from home, with a typewriter as his only equipment. The Ice Palace 3. Apr 08, Ema rated it it was amazing Recommended to Ema by: I had never read one of Versaas’ novels before, and The Ice Palace is a poignant introduction to his work, which also includes the award winning The Winds.

The next day is a field trip at school to the river, the water falls, the ice where the water has frozen on its way down into passageways, doors, rooms of ice, forming a gleaming palace.