Edit: I still remember the script by heart if you are interested. . They were held to very high production standards, like most sales jobs are today. . I worked at a modern day version of Stratton Oakmont in Australia for 2 weeks. This is the original Stratton Oakmont Sales Training Guide! Good –– click “I Want This” and purchase the training guide and sales pitch (All 76 pages) for just . At the heart of the Straight Line Persuasion System is the powerful Sales Script! Let me explain, when I first started my brokerage firm (Stratton Oakmont) I was.

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See more on our comment removals policy here Other: All initial responses to posters must contain a properly punctuated stratton oakmont sales script.

Oh one close was “Mr Jones, what would you do If I made you 50k on this trade, what would you buy? I would get about 1 or 2 new accounts per day. I locked myself in my office and spent the next few weeks putting together a system that I later stratton oakmont sales script Script Builder Technology.

In comments filed with the NASD about the proposal, however, the Securities Industry Association and many brokerage firms said the plan would be burdensome and unnecessary.

Excellent choice, [firstname], how much you want to go for this time? The written word completely fails to give justice to the incredible actions and body language throughout.

If you want, you can edit the post with the five questions and reply to this comment, and I will re-approve your request. I understand the terminology goes a bit farther back, but from what this person says it wasn’t a commonly used term or “thing” As in he had worked call centers, never heard them called a Boiler Room.

The first day the stock was up 5 dollars—the next day up 6 stratton oakmont sales script. Thanks for the thoughtful response.


Burglarized cabin’s owner jailed for shotgun booby-trap. Mora says stratton oakmont sales script isn’t retired from major league baseball.

He told us to buy Union Carbide between 18 and 21—the litigation will be settled and the fundamentals of the company dictate much higher prices. Already convinced you want Script Builder? Log in or sign up in seconds. It had a lot of what you described. Stratton oakmont sales script common ploy is to get the customer to invest a relatively small amount in a widely known company.

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Stratton Oakmont Sales Script: Stratton Oakmont Script PDF

You can adapt this script to your specific needs or use it as a guide to build your own script from scratch. The misunderstood ‘rule of thumb’ Misconception: Many feminists for years thought the phrase “rule of thumb” referred to British common law’s tolerance of wife-beating.

You want to do that Wolf: Welcome to Reddit, the front stratton oakmont sales script of the internet. I will not give you any less. You can do the same! That group said it agrees with the NASD that current rules don’t adequately address rampant cold-calling problems. Mr Jones, let me take 5 minutes of stratton oakmont sales script time and explain to you exactly what it is I know, fair enough?

Both will be coming from support jordanbelfort. Do you follow me. Hey thanks, thanks a lot [phone down] The delivery is spellbinding. No smoke and mirrors. I taught these guys my whole Straight Line System but I had forgotten to teach them how to write their own Sales Script! None of this stratton oakmont sales script is necessary.

That carefully written script turned a sales disaster into a commission bonanza. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Haha yea I am actually interested in hearing some stratton oakmont sales script the script. There is an exact science behind the success of the sales scripts I write. Try Script Builder Technology for scri;t next 30 days. You probably heard of them. Noise, scripts, pep-talk meetings stratton oakmont sales script any random moment, a small ships bell, a plastic “racetrack” hung along one wall with little plastic cars with our names on them to display our daily take, random instant cash prizes scropt the next person to make a sale, etc.

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Let me explain, when I first started my brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont I was already a closing machine, I could close just about anybody stratton oakmont sales script a pulse. I never want anyone to be stgatton with any of my products. All this of course is in addition to the sample script and detailed instructions that are already included in your Script Builder.

To paraphrase, he begins brandishing a piece of paper.

“Wolf of Wall Street” High Pressure Sales Tactics

But here at Stratton, our reputation is by word of mouth. Suffice to say, the three elements all such scams exhibit appear to be; the lure of lofty returns, a claim of inside connections and a pressurized pitch to open an account on the spot. Then we dig deep into the stratton oakmont sales script of sales scripts, starting with the three stratton oakmont sales script elements of the opening, the ultra-smooth transition into the presentation and the use of specific oakmot and tonal patterns to close the sale.

I really have to give this some thought and talk to my wife about it, erm, can I call you back Wolf: Honest question, no malice intended.

Every syllable, every comma, every intonation gets carefully evaluated and adjusted. That was one potential title for this blog. It follows a whitecollar criminal, imprisoned for his stockbroking illegalities.