These test methods incorporated a Saybolt universal viscometer which determined . Further evaluation and comparison of experimental data can be carried. 32) Saybolt Viscosity Test – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read CPB Petrochemicals & Petroleum Refining Technology Experiment 5: Oil . 1) Saybolt Viscometer and Bath (Universal and Furol Orifice) . Experiment No. 5: SAYBOLT VISCOMETER AIM: To determine viscosity of the given oil using Say Bolt Viscometer at different temperatures expressed in terms .

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The movement of the sensor is then influenced by the external forces the shear stress of the fluid which affects the electrical response of the sensor. An equilibrium rotor speed is established between driving and retarding forces, which is an unambiguous measure of the dynamic viscosity.

The use of two timings in one viscometer in a single run is only possible if the sample being measured has Newtonian properties. Please enter your name. The oscillating piston viscometer technology vkscometer been adapted for small sample viscosity and micro-sample viscosity testing in laboratory applications.

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By modifying the classic Couette type rotational viscometer, it is possible to combine the accuracy of kinematic viscosity determination with a wide measuring range. In this way all bearing frictionan inevitable factor in most rotational devices, is fully avoided. For non-Newtonian liquids, the apparent viscosity is not true viscosity. The sagbolt magnetic field induces eddy currents in the sphere.

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Otherwise the change in driving head which in turn changes the shear rate will produce a different viscosity for the two bulbs. Swybolt time required for an air bubble to rise is directly proportional to the viscosity of the liquid, so the faster the bubble rises, the lower the viscosity.

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Such classifications exist so that the level can be determined even when opaque or staining liquids are measured, otherwise the liquid will cover the markings and make it impossible to gauge the time the level passes the mark. In general, both the viscometers are used to compare the viscosities of different liquid.

SAYBOLT VISCOMETER (EFFLUX CUP VISCOMETERS) – Instrumentation and Control Engineering

The Flexible blade rheometer improves the accuracy of measurements for the lower experient range liquids utilizing the subtle changes in the flow field due to the flexibility of the moving or stationary blade sometimes called wing or single side clamped cantilever. The apparent shear rate, the shear stress, and the apparent viscosity are calculated:. The resulting Lorentz interaction between the magnetic field and these eddy currents generate torque that rotates the sphere.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The main disadvantage of the capillary tube viscometer is the errors that arise due to the variation in the head loss and other parameters.

Since we normally work with shear stress and shear rates, a method is needed to convert from “instrument numbers” to “rheology numbers”.

Saybolt Viscometer

These are among the best known instruments used in the industry. The time taken for the level of the liquid to pass between these marks is proportional to the kinematic viscosity. Evaporating Petri Watch glass. A shear stress is imposed on the liquid or gas due to the piston travel and the viscosity is determined by measuring the travel time of the piston.

Also known as the Norcross viscometer after its inventor, Austin Norcross. The viscosity can easily be calculated from shear stress from the torque and shear rate from the angular velocity.

The apparent shear rate is directly related to the flow rate and the dimension of the slit. For measurement of viscosity, the stopper at the bottom of the tube is removed and time for 60ml of liquid to flow is noted which is named as Saybolt seconds. Inside the tube is an aluminium sphere 4.


Here, an oscillating quartz crystal is immersed into a fluid and the specific influence on the oscillating behavior defines the viscosity.

Band 69,S. Beaker Gas syringe Vial. For calculation purpose of kinematic viscosity vthe simplified expression is obtained as below.

Our products are acknowledged for their outstanding features, which includes outstanding performance, easy saynolt, high strength, high operational fluency, long service life and many others. Redwood Viscometer in Coimbatore.

Saybolt Viscometer – Measure Viscosity of Crude Oil and Liquid Petroleum Products –

It includes many different oils, and polymer liquids such as solutions. The active part of the sensor is a vibrating rod.

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Vibrating viscometers have no moving parts, no weak parts and the sensitive part is very small. This method is considerably accurate, but the measurements can vary due to variances in buoyancy because of the changing in shape of the bubble in the tube [6] However, this does not cause any sort of serious miscalculation.

The principle of quartz viscosimetry is based on the idea of W. The assembly is then typically held up for a few seconds, then allowed to fall by gravity, expelling the sample out through the same path that it entered, creating a shearing effect on the measured liquid, which makes this viscometer particularly sensitive and good for measuring certain thixotropic liquids.

The sample 3 to be measured is in a small test tube 2.