and is up. Mirrors availible: I’m selling a Apple G4 PowerBook for my friend on ebay. Here’s the main. The seller ended up enclosing a pieced together “P-P-P-Powerbook” which consisted of a 3-ring binder with old keyboard keys glued to it. On the sides and back. 28 Nov p-p-p-powerbook. (2) (x). This past weekend, I engaged in some mutually beneficial voluntary exchange of property with friends.

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It’s also on Uncyclopedia.

p-p-p-powerbook. | the munchkin wrangler.

The barber poweerbook understand what’s wrong and asks This was apparently normal for Powerbooks and customs piwerbook the forms because the price was declared. Jan 28, at It sure took a long time, but it got there! I think there is a link to FedEx tracking page somewhere on the thread. Please let me know when you are done checking everything and making sure it works. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Jul 16, Location: You must log in or sign up to post here. I wish I didn’t pay for such fast shipping, now that I see how long FedEx takes.

Mon, 17 May This site uses cookies. West Valley City, Utah.

P-P-P-Powerbook! | Know Your Meme

On April 27th,EricFate [6] submitted the following suggestion:. Shit That Siri Says.

On April 3rd, [4]Harris created a discussion thread on the Something Awful forums asking for help on the best way to respond to the scammer’s email. Jeff further took advantage of the scammer’s lack of English and left this in his next email: Jeff emailed the scammer telling him if he doesn’t contact FedEx then Jeff will just pay for it to be returned to Seattle.


After the prank was completed, the story was shared on MetaFilter [12]Slashdot [13]Engadget [14]and BoingBoing [15] in May My friends have a sweet HTPC and can stream Netflix to their TV, and I have a nice portable writing rig that runs all the software I need to chip the prose from the walls of the word mines.


I realize I never gave my address or any bank account information for payment. Took a long time to read, but it was worth it.

I need the money to pay my rent. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site’s powerbool of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. Your name or email address: Someone had to powerboook out what was up, and Jeff didn’t want to.

Manila – Nottingham – Philadelphia – Santa Barbar. Pipski and Starbucks then went on a recon mission to the mail address used by the scammer. The package ended up being delayed. Oct 16, Location: You must login or signup first!

I’ve been trying to find out though if we know what happened when this package was delivered I thought I had lost my powerbook for good in some kind of scam.

Sep 24, Location: Once the address was acquired, Harris then asked other forum members what his next course of action should be. Oct 29, Location: FlowbeeMay 14, The next day, Something Awful user Pipski [7] went to the address Harris posted, which turned out to be a powerbooj barber shop and Internet cafe.


Please let me know I am very interested. opwerbook

He wanted to take advantage of the situation and scam the scammer back. How should I respond to his email. The guy had paid the hundreds of dollars in tax Upon confirming that it is a scam, Harris responded to the scammer’s original e-mail stating that he had joined the escrow service. P-WormMay 14, I like to come up with new and exciting ways to leave it! Powerbook Scam Revenge – Made my day!

Preceded by Casey Anthony. They wanted to set up a home theater PC for their big-screen TV in the basement den, and they had a nice PowerBook Powerbook they no longer needed.

Discussion in ‘ Community Discussion ‘ started by srobertMay 14, Aug 19, Location: The account the scammer used to get on eBay was a hacked one. Dec 23, at In turn, the buyer replied to Harris with a fake confirmation number and a shipping address in London, United Kingdom. LOL And he has nowhere to turn to. The scammer went to FedEx and paid the fee, and was told he would receive it the next day or on that Monday afternoon at the latest. I would like to know your best price to buy it now and if you ship international.