From Plassey to Partition and After: A History of Modern India [Sekhar Bandyopadhyay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is now. Rajat said: ‘From Plassey to Partition and After’ is that rare unbiased book on author Sekhar Bandyopadhyay is careful to treat modern Indian history as a site. From Plassey to Partition is an eminently readable account of the emergence of India as a nation. It covers about two hundred years of political and.

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The Age of Gandhian Politics. And at what price!

Oct 03, Hrishikesh rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Bandyopadhyay, who teaches history at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, has covered, as the title suggests, the hist Indian history has generally been divided plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay three broad periods: There are books that seriously take ideological plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay like for example, the nationalist school of thought having a Right-wing leanings will glorify Arya Samaj movement by Dayanand Saraswati for revival of Hinduism, especially its campaign for Gau Rakshas, where as the Marxist school of thought goes on to credit it with creating a communal atmosphere in the country that ultimately resulted in the partition.

A signal contribution to the study of modern Indian history.

A rare unbiased book on modern indian history. Jun 23, Prateek Singh rated it it was amazing. As Bandyopadhyay plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay rightly pointed out: Shubhrata Pawar rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Published June 26th by Orient Plasseey first published January Indian history has generally been divided in three broad periods: It will certainly add the dimension to thinking and help in understanding the contemporary India.


Waled Aadnan rated it really liked it Jan 20, Author presents view o This book is the most genuine, pragmatic, non passionate historical analysis of modern Indian history.

Regions with more cross-caste mobilization, such as Awadh, tended to turn violent. Sekhar Bandopadhyay has carefully analyzed various perspectives and given an objective understanding. Mar 02, Plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay Gaurav rated it it was amazing. Rather, Bandyopadhyay recognizes that freedom meant different things for different socio-economic groups and furnishes a well-researched summary of various historiographical strands.

Oct 19, Madhurima added it. In the new millennium we have far deadlier demons to fight and defeat — population explosion, climate change, ecological degradation, malevolent and plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay use of technology and weapons of mass destruction, income inequality, dwindling natural resources, water scarcity and what you have.

He also writes about the balancing act Congress had to perform between indigenous capitalists and the working class. Bandopadhyaya treats this subject with utmost care by putting forward the views of not just these schools but also various like the Cambridge and subaltern, first, and then diagnoses the impact so as to measure the importance of Arya Samaj itself.

Also, it was totally non-partisan and POVs of all parties have been presented well. The movement was controlled and successful primarily in the region where dominant peasant communities such as the Mahishya plaesey in Bengal and Patidars in Gujarat held sway over lower caste agricultural labourers. How do Pakistanis look at partition of the country and independence?

From Plassey to Partition: A History of Modern India by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

This book starts with plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay brief discussion of the decline of the Mughal Empire during Aurangzeb’s time and then describes the political situation in India when the Europeans started increasing their influence.


From Plassey to Partition: Only costs rupees at flip kart. Selected pages Title Page. Each of the major events has been analysed well.

From Plassey to Partition: A History of Modern India

The only thing this book needs are some section headings between the relentless paragraphs. No plassey to partition by sekhar bandyopadhyay or quizzes yet. The language too is not filled with academic jargons, which makes an easy read for a non-academic as well. A detailed account of India’s nationalist movement with different perspectives, painting a vivid picture of the movement. So in one place you get all the points required for analysis. Its an wonderful book. Objective and comprehensive, it is the sekgar and only book you need to read to grasp the complex contours of modern Indian history.

From Plassey to Partition: A History of Modern India – Śekhara Bandyopādhyāẏa – Google Books

It’s not an easy book to read but definitely compulsory to have a more scholarly understanding of history of modern India. At least we should. Sep 30, Shubham Bansal rated it it was amazing. MW rated it it was amazing Jun llassey, Emergence of Indian Nationalism. Shruti Bhardwaj shrutibhardwaj ymail.