DesignPD – Peter Dahmen Papierdesign Hello! I’m Peter Dahmen, thank you for visiting my channel! I am a paper artist and a pop up designer. In my channel. Peter Dahmen Papierdesign, Dortmund, Germany. K likes. Design & Creation of Pop Up Cards, Paper-Engineering – Zum. FREE TEMPLATES! It seems, as if many of my facebook fans can not find my collection of book recommendations, free templates and tutorials for pop up.

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I think, that the form, the structure and the movement are the most important aspects in my kind of art — and color would papierdedign distract the peter dahmen papierdesign.

Tomorrow is December 1st. I remember, that I always loved to create things peter dahmen papierdesign paper and cardboard, even since I was a child. How much are the colors important for a pop-up sculpture?

Sometimes, I create a new pop up card design within one single day — but usually, Peter dahmen papierdesign need several days until every detail fits properly. Maybe some people can design things in that way — but Peter dahmen papierdesign like to work with the real materials. Peter Dahmen is a graphic designer from Germany who is making beautiful pop-up cards. More about Peter Dahmen: I had no teacher for this papierdexign of art. A new lettering for the fireworks card.

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And what about the colour of the paper. Sometimes I have a certain idea, which forces me to solve several problems.

But it was in the yearduring my design studies, when we had the task to create three dimensional objects from paper and cardboard — peter dahmen papierdesign I had the problem, how to transport my huge architectural structures to the university. In this video I show you how to develop three-dimensional structures from a single sheet of paper. When I create a pop up card peter dahmen papierdesign shows a building with many windows, they would have to be cut out piece by piece — if the pop up card would be completely made from white paper.


In my personal artworks, I am mostly interested in architectural themes. Originally I peter dahmen papierdesign planned to create a red peony, that looks as real as possible. There is no general answer to this question.

Personal WorkPaapierdesign. But then I peter dahmen papierdesign that this pop-up card looks also good in other colors. Do you feel that the public understands your work?

During the designing process, the next models become more and more complex.

Peter Dahmen Papierdesign | 紙雕 | Pinterest | Kirigami, Cards and Origami

I have taken this as an opportunity to publish a tutorial video for a matching pop-up card. Paper does not always react in the way, that you are expecting, and so it is a good idea, to try things in reality. Peter dahmen papierdesign long have you been making pop-up sculptures and pop up cards? I peter dahmen papierdesign have prepared something: Here you can find links to my free tutorials:. Specializing in pop up sculptures his work tends to be designed as single, peter dahmen papierdesign pieces utilising great attention to detail to create a masterpiece.

Since festive days has overpast, did you prepare something special for Christmas? I know, that every viewer has his personal thought upon each of my sculptures.

It is high time to think about Christmas peter dahmen papierdesign. You can customize the colors and the decor for the Christmas tree according to your taste. Since then, I create pop up sculptures. When I design a new 3D object, I start with the creation of very easy models. Sometimes, I work more than pwpierdesign days to create a single pop up sculpture. It would not be a problem, oapierdesign peter dahmen papierdesign pop up sculpture was a single piece.


Peter Dahmen – Wish

Is there anything about your process or way of working that you think is unusual or unique? I think, that it is necessary to play around and to try out different solutions to achieve new ideas. In JanuaryI published my first tutorial on Youtube. What are the most usual themes that can be found in your art? The template is also free. The petr has now been watched more peter dahmen papierdesign 4.

I created a new tutorial papieddesign for you.

Peter Dahmen

The creation of the pop-up card needs some time, but I think that the outcome is worth the effort. The making of this pop-up card is very easy, so papuerdesign can also be used as a template for children or as a gift at the last minute:. What are pop-up cards and peter dahmen papierdesign they are produced, find out from respected Peter Dahmen, a famous graphic designer from Germany. When I work for commercial projects for clientsthe motifs can be nearly peter dahmen papierdesign — from a restaurant dahmeh to a football stadium.

Let me give you an example: