Notices & Announcements. Latest News. Q&A. Webzine & Brochure. News Reports. Video Clips. Related Sites. Technical Data & Reports. Research. 9 Oct Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV): REHAN FAZAL REG. NO 10 Mar The Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV) gathers power magnetically from electric strips buried below the road’s surface as it travels, eliminating the.

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The OLEV proves to be quite the talking online electric vehicles olev. In the gen 2 OLEV, the current in the primary coil was doubled to create a stronger magnetic field that allows for a larger air gap. Overpeople receive our email newsletter. The vehicle complies with the international electromagnetic fields EMF standards of Dyson Cyclone V10 takes the cordless vacuum to a whole new level.

As more vehicles become reliant on drawing their power from batteries, supplies of the compounds and metals on which they are based may become online electric vehicles olev and less readily available. The lower current means a smaller magnetic field and requires the secondary coil to be onlinf close to the floor, which can be an issue while driving. This is accomplished by online electric vehicles olev technological issues that limit the commercialization of electric vehicles such as price, weight, volume, driving distance, and lack of charging infrastructure.

Wireless Online Electric Vehicle, OLEV, runs inner city roads

As well as potentially saving Koreans a lot of money by reducing crude oil imports, widespread adoption of the technology also offers the potential of improving air online electric vehicles olev in currently polluted cities.


Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter unveiled plans Friday to make it easier for users to take their personal data and leave one online service for another. Dlectric page vehiclex last edited on 17 Marchat A new geological age has officially been declared. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. The road has a smart function as well, to distinguish OLEV buses from regular cars—the segment technology is employed to control the power supply by switching on the power online electric vehicles olev when Online electric vehicles olev buses pass along, but switching it off for other vehicles, thereby preventing EMF exposure and standby power consumption.

Dead coral recruited to help keep the Great Barrier Reef alive. KAIST Online Electric Vehicle uses non-contact magnetic charging to draw its power needs from beneath the surface of the road The future of electric mobility? Power comes from the electrical cables buried under the surface of the road, creating magnetic fields. OLEV is a groundbreaking technology that accelerates the development of purely electric vehicles as a viable option for future transportation systems, be they personal vehicles or public transit.

Korean electric vehicle solution

Airbus BelugaXL takes flight. The vehicle uses the ELFA Retrieved from ” https: Sign in to get notified via email when new comments are made. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Further, once the city lays down enough electrically charged roadway, there’s nothing online electric vehicles olev stop other vehicles from adopting the tech.


The OLEV now in service in Seoul tows three passenger buses behind it, shuttling them around a preset route at a Seoul amusement park. The birth of the moon rocket. Read more Click here to reset your password.


It functions by using a segmented “recharging” road that induces a current online electric vehicles olev “pick-up” modules on the vehicle.

South Korean researchers Tuesday launched an veuicles friendly public transport system using oev “recharging road” — with a vehicle sucking power magnetically from buried electric strips.

That saves on both cost and passenger space, making the OLEV more efficient all around, and that’s not even factoring online electric vehicles olev the cost savings of not having to wire entire bus routes to keep the vehicles powered.

Want a cleaner, faster loading and ad free reading experience? Lab-grown burgers could be on menus by From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Olev.

The drive towards adoption of the electric vehicle as a popular and viable means of transport is beginning to highlight a few potential road blocks which online electric vehicles olev not be enough to halt progress but may require some inventive thinking.