(For SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Multi-function Compact Inverters). Cat. No. I01E-EN All OMRON products are capitalised in this manual. The word “Unit” is also. View and Download Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3MV SERIES user manual online. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Series Multi-function Compact Inverter. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV. View and Download Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3MV setup manual online. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Series Multi-function Compact Inverter. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Inverter pdf.

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The data display indicates the item corresponding to the indicator selected. Set the motor current parameter in n in order to prevent the motor from burning due to overloading. Omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual to V AC Page 69 Chapter 2 Design D Control Circuit Terminals Multi-function contact output Multi-function input 1 Multi-function input 2 Omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual Multi-function input 3 Multi-function input 4 Multi-function photocoupler output 1 Multi-function input 5 Multi-function input 6 Multi-function input 7 Multi-function photocoupler output 2 Sequence input common Frequency reference power Multi-function photocoupler Page 84 Preparing for Operation and Monitoring Chapter 3 If a set range error results, the corresponding parameter number will flash.

An incorrect power supply may result in fire, injury, or malfunction. GF This function detects ground faults between the Inverter output and the motor. Forward with the Direction switch opened.

Page Chapter 10 List of Parameters A holding brake is not a stopping device for securing safety. Function RUN command 1: There- fore, there is no need to write a ladder program for the communications protocol when the function is used.


Inputs into these terminals have a variety of functions according to the application. Operation In Vector Control For example, if the target value of 1, rpm is input as 10 V and the Feedback Value Adjustment Gain should be set to 2.

Page Page Page – precise vector control settings and adju Chapter 5 Basic Operation H Setting Frequency References 1 through 16 and the Inching Frequency Command n through n, omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual through n Frequency references 1 through 16 and an inching frequency command can be set together in the Inverter using registers n through n31, n through n Page Omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual 11 Using the Inverter for a Motor H Using Inverter for Existing Standard Motor When a standard motor is operated with the Inverter, a power loss is lightly higher than when operated with a commercial power supply.


Enter Key Enters multi-function monitor numbers, parameter numbers, and internal data values after they are set or changed.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3MV-AB004 Manuals

The wires may not contact well with the control circuit terminals if the wires are soldered. Information added above notice. Transportation Precautions Caution Do not hold by front cover or panelinstead, hold by the radiation fin heat sink while transporting the product.

Chapter 7 Communications Note Omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual is an OR relationship between input from the control terminals and input through commu- nications. Set the multi-function analog current input characteristics in n multi-function analog current input gain and n multi-function analog cur- rent input bias.

Design Chapter 2 Terminal Block To wire the terminal block of the Inverter, remove the front cover, terminal cover unless the Inverter is a V modeland bottom cover from the Inverter. Page 55 Chapter 3 List of Parameters Chapter 5 Basic Operation Selecting the Reverse Rotation-prohibit This parameter is used to specify whether to enable or disable the reverse rotation com- mand sent to the Inverter from the control circuit terminals or Digital Operator.

Decelerates to stop at deceleration time 2 set in Emergency stop warning n Chapter 5 Basic Operation Note 4. Function During RUN 1: During operation Page 40 Design Chapter 2 Parameter settings can be used to select various functions for multi-function inputs 1 Note 1.

For example, if the frequency is 60 Omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual and the omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual of setting is 0. D Single- -phase motors cannot be used The inverter is not suited for the variable speed control of single–phase motors. Control Circuit Terminal Communications Chapter 7 Byte No.

Caution Do not pull on the cables.


The settings of parameters described here will be sufficient for simple Inverter opera- tions. Performing Energy-saving Settings Power consumption As shown in the graph, the voltage to operate the motor most efficiently Load rate:. Detects a time-over and nonfatal error warning and continues operating. Doing 3b3mv may result in electrical shock.

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Detects a time-over and fatal error and decelerates to a stop in deceleration time 2 See note 1. Omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual 2 Design D Installing a Magnetic Contactor If the power supply of the main circuit is to be shut off because of the sequence, a magnetic contactor can be used instead of a molded-case circuit breaker.

Design Chapter 1 4. Troubleshooting, Parameters Fail Set, Motor Fails To Operate Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Due to parameter setting errors, faulty wiring, and so on, the Inverter and motor may not operate as expected when the system is started up.

Actual Load Operation Page Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Note If set to vector control mode, the default value will be 0. Chapter 7 Communications Note Address 00 is for omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual purposes only. Chapter omgon Preparing for Operation and Monitoring Error Messages for Copying and Verifying Parameters The errors that can be displayed when reading, writing, or verifying omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual settings are described omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual the following table along with corrective actions.

Increase the derivative D time in n within a range causing no vibration. Use it when switching the motor from a commercial power supply op- eration to Inverter operation, when starting with the Inverter a motor turned by external force, and so on.

Selecting The Operation Command Page numbers refer omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual the previous version. The maximum frequency in n or the frequency reference upper limit in n, whichever is smaller.

This braking is used for stopping and starting the motor rotating by inertia with no regen- erative processing. Select peripheral devices which meet the specifications and wire correctly. Make the necessary settings in these terminals according to the application.