7 Sep Michael Fullan is certainly one of the three to four most influential His most recent contribution, Stratosphere: Integrating Technology. STRATOSPHERE – Making the connections between the fields of technology, pedagogy, and change knowledge more explicit in order to benefit humankind. Presenter’s name title institution email social media contact. #pearsoncite. Presenter’s photo. Michael Fullan [email protected] @michaelfullan1. # pearsoncite.

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In brief he elucidates the criteria as follows: It must be irresistibly engaging; elegantly efficient challenging but easy to use ; technologically ubiquitous; and steeped in real-life problem solving. Every leader and teacher involved in strwtosphere complex change in his or her school environment whether a school administrator or teacher-leader knows how difficult it can be to leverage change in a context where comfortable means holding on to the old, out-dated and outmoded ways of doing education.

Book Review: Stratosphere by Michael Fullan | MindShare Learning Technology

Teachers in small groups become leaders, designers, and active guides to learning. What can technology do for us rather than focusing on loading up our schools with technology because somehow — magically — this technology will improve learning? Pedagogy and technology need to be properly aligned. This change has to happen at both the student and adult level.

District and state infrastructures become redesigned to promote and hold schools accountable to … innovative teaching and learning. He is however focused on change management and his goal as ever is to make change easier. His reputation as an expert in education, especially in change management and leadership, speaks for itself. The research has shown that the teacher as facilitator has a greater impact on student achievement.

Fullan argues that from his experiences micbael change work action results in inspiration rather than the other way around. Chapter three focuses specifically on pedagogy and change.

Irresistibly engaging is simply that state where an individual or individuals are so caught up in doing that time loses coherence; time has no meaning as he notes; by elegantly efficient he means that the products must be easy and natural to use. Michael Fullan in his new book entitled, Stratosphere, writes that there are three big ideas that have needed each other for four decades.


Interestingly, and I wondered about this as I perused the book, what is the place of the teacher in all of this? If the triad is properly integrated then we can produce both engagement, for both teachers and students, and high-yield with regards to what is learned.

The Sky’s the Limit: 16 Must-Read Quotes from Michael Fullan’s Stratosphere

This plan should properly align technology with teachers and students. In short, we need to create the new digital learning reality on a much stratoaphere scale than is currently happening — for all students and teachers. Up to this point in his work Fullan has not said a great deal about change knowledge, though it is definitely on the periphery of each key point he has addressed. On whole systems design and change, only Paul Hill has earned equal influence.

The Importance of Teacher Voice November 3, He thinks however that the growth of technology has been weed-like; it has grown wildly and aimlessly and has supplanted what our systems of education really need.

The reasons for this are many however we have noted that much of it can be reduced to one key problem: In chapter five he addresses design fullwn and change knowledge. In short, Fullan wants us to know that education revolution is not a given. Perhaps as Fullan suggests that our brains are being distorted into a permanent state of hyper-distractionism.

Who changes the change leaders here? Fullan believes fully, as he noted in his Seminar paperthat technology needs to be seen as an enhancer of education and not a driver.

Fullan argues that there is no system in the world that currently applies these four criteria. We must change or become irrelevant. Grant Beacon Middle School October 28, His books, articles and counsel have been much sought after in a world looking for leadership when what we have known — the past imperative — has come face-to-face with the present imperative.


It is now time to reconcile how technology can join the fray in a more purposeful way in order to transform learning for educators and learners in the 21st century. This triumvirate of sorts needs to be the focal point because too many education systems have wrongly concluded that putting technology into the hands of teachers who are less than capable are fooling themselves.

Fullan notes the following: Fullan addresses in this work the four criteria that need to be integrated in pedagogy and technology if we are to create exciting and innovative learning experiences for all students, which he agrees is something that is desperately needed in order to move our systems forward into the 21st Century. Pedagogy and technology provide the directional vision and change knowledge helps us to achieve it — we learn as we go Fullan points out. We will however note what Fullan has to say about the 21st Century skills movement.

This is not news to us at MindShare Learning. He states that fully integrating technology into classroom programs only happens in 8 percent of cases and that only a quarter of teachers feel that they could integrate technology into their classrooms.

Amazing change agents can take technology and nichael amazing things happen with students — no two ways about it! Moving to Mastery in Idaho October 25, Fullan notes the following:. We should enter this new era with a mindset that large savings are to be had as quality multiplies…Three examples: Of course pedagogy cannot happen without the teacher and as Fullan has mentioned the teacher needs to take on new and exciting roles as the critical change agent.

We at MindShare Learning have seen exceptions to this however.