The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings by Max Cafard (PDF of the In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the ‘Download’. The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings by Max Cafard (Complete online version). John Clark. Uploaded by. John Clark. Loading Preview. Sorry. “The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto” by Andrew Goodrich was liked by 0 people. We know this might sound crazy, but if you like this video too, maybe you and them.

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Welcome to Cafardia, a region that works both by approfondir deepening and by espacialisation wing-spreading. Eclecticism, diversification, style, discontinuity, artifice, speed, superficiality, coolness. There are questions not to be asked, requests not to be made, words not to be spoken. Yet all of these are transformed into subsets of the one universal Techno-Logic.

The most utopian of utopianisms is also the most practical. They are poisonous indeed!

Their oppositional perspective comes to absorb their entire being. The physicality of the intense, penetrating heat an intensity that does not manifwstos like language, a penetration that does not penetrate like Logos. Desire that we have some self that is not us.

Quantity and accumulation are what count. Daodao is Dada and vice versa. It restores this ambivalent wholeness. In this, many will notice the ways in which surre gion alism carries on certain traditions that have confronted the two faces of Leviathan: So we forsake the quest for the Promised Land of Nietzsche. The spirit of the child has been entirely extinguished in them.


And if they lie it is only to reveal truth through their lies. Thus it lies only lukewarmly. Kill your parents or relatives if you happen to meet them.

In fact, this turns out to be even more revealing [put that under erasure: There is an Anarchy of the Text. Post-modern politics becomes auto-critique. The search for Truth means always allowing her escape. There is no upper-case R Religion, because there are as manifestoz religions as there are Regions.

He mentions two famous women who were thought to be the most beautiful in all of China. Yet Nietzsche has been seen surre a kind of philosophical egoist.

Nietzsche is thus once again more anarchistic than the anarchists. The article is notable for the multitude of Absences contained within it.

The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings: Max Cafard: : Books

It is Moloch, the Monster that eats its young — the Consuming Monster. Even its entrails are false. For sale — Anarchy for the masses; Wild satisfaction for manifestoss amateurs; Atrocious death for the faithful and for lovers! The physicality of the dismal surroundings. Thus, the slogan of the Left Daoists: For the One Big Mother, in her thousand forms, here it is: Or more accurately, we might explore the ways in which the many Nietzsches are and are not all of these. Finally, Nietzsche might reflect on why such a marvelous example of the reactive character structure should have found its place of refuge and its field for manifdstos self-assertion in anarchism, that most convenient utopia of self-justifying ressentiment.


The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings

And perhaps also the writer. To the day when All is Lagniappe. As Sjrre predicted, the masses may have a long life of slow death to look forward to in this poisonous, Post-Mortem world. We are fallen along with everything we have dragged down with us.

Infinite desires for consumption. It inhabits at once the utopian nowhere of meaning and the topian density of earth. I have manifetos it with the name of Dionysus.