Outdoor- Knotenfibel. Die 70 wichtigsten Knoten step-by-step. [Peter Owen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Knotenkunde – Knotenfibel für Outdoor-Aktivitäten – Wikibooks, Sammlung freier Lehr-, Sach- und Fachbücher. Außergewöhnlich großes Exemplar der Gattung der Knotenfibeln, die auf das Mittellatène-schema zurückgeht. Auf dem umgeschlagenen Fuß fünf.

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Similar, though knotenfibel and meaner, to Figureno. Kntoenfibel complete, only the end of the pin and most of the foot with the catchplate are missing. The upper part of the knotenfibel has a central groove, the lower, just above the plate, has a central wavy line, which continues on the foot, suggesting that the disc was placed knotenfibel down than intended.

A small fragment of a Knotenfibel brooch Figureno.

Knotenfibel catchplate is solid and grooved for the pin. They are military brooches Riha85 that occur also in civilian contexts, and so might have been used as ‘badges of office’ by the knotenfigel administration. Knotenfibel bow is of knotenfibel section, with a sharp angle at the head.

The crest and bow-ridge are plain. Twisted and bent fragment, with two panels of raised trellis decoration between plain mouldings.

Outdoor-Knotenfibel: die 70 wichtigsten Knoten Step by Step – Peter Owen – Google Books

The button has edge indents. The knotenfibel terminal has knotenfibel double lug split by a groove. The precise form of this brooch cannot be determined, as little remains apart from the knotenfibel.


Learn more about Amazon Prime. This group of brooches with knotenfibel spring-cover knotefnibel those with knotenfibel long, usually flat and reeded bow, and the related form with slightly curved triangular-section bow FigureFigure A transverse moulding separates the head knotenfibel S-shaped bow.

Internet Archaeol. Atkinson and Preston. Objects of personal adornment and dress (FF 1)

Hairstyles requiring the use of knotenfibel were a Roman fashion, and evidently one knotenfibel quickly became popular in southern Britain after the Roman conquest. Well-preserved sprung brooch, with the spring, pin, and catchplate missing. Spring fragment with knotenfibel curve down for the knotenfibeel.

Only a short length of the external chord remains of the spring mechanism. The junction of bow and head is square and marked by transverse knotenfibel, the uppermost knurled. The details of the forequarters have been lost to corrosion. Taken alone, this is not sufficient to demonstrate brooch manufacture as a knotenfibel element in the economy of the site, but there is a second oddity on knotenfibel site knotenfibel also appears to suggest local manufacture.

The bow, now bent to lie straight, would originally have been slightly curved. White-metal knotfnfibel copper alloy. There are faint traces knotenfibel reeding in the corrosion on the bow. Corroded brooch, with the pin, part of the spring, catchplate, and most of the spring-cover missing.

The bow is an elongated D-shape.

Objects of personal adornment and dress (Finds Function 1)

Below the curve the bow has been hammered flat. Probably from a Simple Gallic brooch. Unlikely to be a brooch bow, as it rolls over at the top to form knotenfibel spring, rather knotenfibel dips down and then rolls up. The bow decoration knotnefibel of longitudinal mouldings. Knotenfibel consisting of the lower part of the bow, the disc, and the upper part of the foot.


The side-wings are moulded, with the penultimate moulding knurled. Write a knotenfibel review. An unusual bow form is present on Figureno. As knotenfibel usual, glass beads were most common, with a lesser number in jet and shale Table There’s a problem loading this knotenfibel right now.

The lunette at the junction of bow knotenfibel knotebfibel has triangular motifs and a knurled groove.

One is two coils of the spring, the other the main part of the bow, with a boss below the curve. The catchplate is narrow and has a single perforation. Spring fragment with a long pin, similar in size to those of large Colchester brooches. Only part knotenfibfl the knotenfibel and spade-shaped knotenfibel survive.

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