Books and materials for free downloading about homeschooling, unschooling, and learning outside of school. Books and articles about unschooling math. The term “unschooling” likely derives from Ivan Illich’s term “deschooling”, and was coined by education philosopher John Holt who is. In , Marlene Bumgarner, a homeschooling parent, hosted author John Holt in her home while he was in California for a lecture tour. While he played in the.

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They need some friends their own age, but not dozens of them; two or three, at most half a dozen, is as many real friends as any child can have at one time. Kids are fascinated by money. No child, once painfully burned, holr agree to be burned again, however enticing the reward.

John Holt (educator) – Wikipedia

BostonMassachusettsU. Where, but from us, they say, are children going to hear about good books, Shakespeare, culture? I think for the most prestigious private schools you could almost set it down as a fact that to have a teacher’s certificate, to have had that kind of training, would disqualify you. We can sum up very quickly what people need to teach their own children.

John Holt (educator)

Rist followed these children through three years of school, and reported, first, that these children’s first and second grade teachers also tracked by tables within their classes, and secondly, that only one of the children assigned in kindergarten to one of the two bottom tables ever made it later to a favored table.

Parents could argue, and some do, that since they believe johh school can and probably will do their children deep and lasting harm, they have as much unschoollng to keep them out, even if they want to go, as they would to tell them they could not play on a pile of radioactive waste. I don’t know how many families use or have used their materials, but the quality of the materials I have seen, and the range of courses they offer, suggest that this organization, too, serves a large number of people, few of whom can have been or be certified teachers.


I was a good student, the kind that teachers like to talk to.

Common Objections to Homeschooling

They include, at the very least, courage, endurance, patience, humor, flexibility, resourcefulness, stubbornness, a keen sense of reality, and the ability to keep a cool and clear head, even when things are going badly. The schools have in a number of cases tried – shamefully – to take children away from unschooling parents.

They need a chance, sometimes, for honest, serious, unhurried talk; or sometimes, jolt joking, play, and foolishness; or sometimes, for tenderness, sympathy, and comfort. Indeed, this assurance that Calvert-taught children would not fall behind has been part of what Calvert offered and sold its customers and clients. I’m a great believer in many kinds of measuring nuschooling – tapes centimeter tape, inch tapes, rolls of tapesrulers, scales, thermometers, barometers, metronomes, electric metronomes with lights flashing on and off that you can make go faster and slower, stopwatches, things for time.

Have we given up these principles? Over the whole of my schooling, the average was probably closer to fifteen minutes a week. My Musical Autobiographyfocused on showing adults that they were not too old to learn new things. The fundamental idea of double-entry bookkeeping, the distinction between your income and expenses and assets and liabilities is one of the really beautiful inventions of the human mind.

They can make friends after school hours, during vacations, at the library, in church. Perhaps only a minority of parents have these qualities. Home teachers come in for three to five hours a week.

What if the children want to holr to school? Educators often ask me these two questions in the same meeting, often within a few minutes of each other. It’s a starting place.

But in one very important sense they are misleading. Most of the time, explaining does not increase understanding, and may even lessen it. Society of Sisters See Chapter In most large schools the children are tracked, i. If none of them can read and write, you can learn together. It is in part an argument in favor of doing it, in part a report of the people who are doing it, and in part a manual of action for people who want to do it.


Then she proceeded to slap him halfway across the room. Whether children resist such demands or yield to them, it is bad for them. As a child, I went to the “best” schools, some public, most private.

One mother wrote me some particularly challenging questions [], to which I gave these answers:. One of the boys would go home for lunch and not return until the last minute of recess. His crime was that he spoke with indignation. The things we learn, remember, and use are the things we seek out or meet in the daily, serious, nonschool parts of our lives.

But we should not be surprised that young people should be most interested in the things that most interest their elders.

If it does, he can say so. Since spontaneity was dangerous – it conflicted with the teacher’s view of how children should act – lying was a valuable survival technique. For our very survival, let alone health and happiness, we need a much stronger and better social glue than this.

People purchase bicycles, sports equipment, musical instruments, without knowing that their children will unschoolinb become professional athletes, musicians, etc.

A recent Calvert ad said they have had over three hundred thousand customers. Anyone who thinks seriously about these questions will surely agree that no one in government should have such power.