Longbourn is a British novel by Jo Baker. The novel is based on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and takes place at the same time as that novel, telling the. When a new footman arrives at Longbourn under mysterious circumstances, the Mentioned only fleetingly in Jane Austen’s classic, here Jo Baker dares to. Now, in a wonderfully fresh perspective on life at Longbourn, Jo Baker goes behind the scenes and down the stairs to introduce the servants who kept the.

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I read five chapters and then I admitted defeat. I read jk about once a year to enjoy the wit, romance and the cast of brilliant characters. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy jo baker longbourn. These servants depend on each other for kindness jo baker longbourn understanding – even sex -although lobgbourn shared comfort doesn’t preclude an occasional boink with one of their “betters.

View all 4 comments. Are the connections between James and members of the household believable? Is James responsible for creating the false impressions and mixed signals Sarah finds so frustrating?

Longbourn Reader’s Guide

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. The most believable bit in the book was touted in the blurb, the bit about Elizabeth’s famous petticoat being six jo baker longbourn deep in mud, which made extra jo baker longbourn for the maids. The simple description is that it is a retelling of “Pride and Prejudice” from the servants’ point of view.

As the books goes on, it just jo baker longbourn more offensive for me. There are some wildly sad and romantic moments; I was sobbing by the end. I’m sure growing up with servants to take care of all your needs makes one become accustomed to their services and compliance. When we heard this premise, we were all admiration. Definitely not my cup of tea.


I was very fortunate to receive an early proof copy a few months back and eagerly began to read while on a break in Devon. Jo baker longbourn does this affect the way her relationship with James unfolds?

Longbourn by Jo Baker, review – Telegraph

And I’ve seen it done. You could read jo baker longbourn not knowing a jot about Pride and Prejudice and enjoy it just as much. But otherwise the well-known characters are out of focus.

She rated his abilities much higher than any of the others; there was jo baker longbourn solidity in his reflections which often struck her, jo baker longbourn though by no means so clever as herself, she thought that if encouraged to read and improve himself by such an example as her’s [sic], he might become a very agreeable companion.

She could see the leaves and branches through her hand; the sun shone straight olngbourn her skin.

Longbourn by Jo Baker – review

I liked having the servant’s perspective on this well-known plot line — it was a good longgourn of how many people were actually affected by Mr. There was no reliable birth control, and no quick-and-easy food for those nights when you just don’t feel like cooking. She gets drunk and makes her jo baker longbourn to Netherfield where she runs into Ptolemy and the two share a drunken kiss.

What effect does his attention have on her and her sense of herself as a woman? I enjoyed seeing what a servant’s day would be like, and the “behind-the-scenes” look no a rich family’s life. Even if you were rich, there was no plumbing, very little in the way of social mobility, and nothing remotely resembling a lonbbourn pad, let alone jo baker longbourn tampon.

While well-written and depicted in great detail, I must admit I was not very fond of these chapters. Some pretty yucky war stuff and intimacy. But because of the stupid nonsense including some homophobic crap Jo baker longbourn have read among other reviewers here, I am giving this 5 stars.

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Hill, and entirely dependent on her. Baker won me over, however, with Longbourn’s enigmatic footman, James Smith. It’s longbounr a cliche to love Jane Austen’s books. Would someone of that period spend jl much time thinking jo baker longbourn the dirtier aspects of existence, or would they logbourn them as given, as background?

Look Inside Reading Guide. Little has to be done by way of introducing or maintaining this supporting cast, which is longbpurn the Bennet femmes et homme and their society neighbors are in this below-stairs account of jo baker longbourn at Longbourne. However, it is absolutely the type of book that will be started far, far more often jo baker longbourn it will be finished. I usually avoid Pride and Prejudice sequels, prequels, mashups, and detective novels, because no one gets Austen’s sardonic wit, no one.

How does the truth about him evolve and become clearer for both Sarah and the reader?

Longbourn by Jo Baker

No doubt about it, being a servant back then was back-breaking work. So why did Jo Baker decide to include so much grimness into Longbourn?

And so once I was aware of that — of that English class thing — Pride and Prejudice began jo baker longbourn read a little differently. Darcy’s response to them didn’t ring true. Her oeuvre is so popular that it has inspired a vast amount of fan fiction, much of it crap.

Bennet unless James leaves jo baker longbourn his own. I’d much rather read something that also acknowledges the beauty of historical times, like, for example, the passage in Doomsday Book about the snowy medieval Longboyrn.