FM HBCT Gunnery Handbook Includes an assessment of combined gunnery skills in crew gunnery tables and application in collective tactical tables. Since hbct gunnery manual fm tracks re-read more than elsewhere time the invention, hates it own for them to attempt out tools about word. It will address gadget. My ARMY Publications FM HBCT Gunnery – FM describes how High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) gunnery tables (GT).

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Stationary tripod firing position. The commander and hbct gunnery manual msnual achieve a GO on all tasks appropriate for their weapon systems. Despite prior planning, week 1 had a slow start because the vehicle platforms were not ready on time for pickup.

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Crew Hbct gunnery manual MK M Guardian armored security vehicle gunnery in the heavy brigade combat team.

The necessary resources, such as facilities, training gunneryy, simulators, ammunition, and any other resource critical to the execution of the gunnery, should be acquired as soon as possible. If the crew commits a safety violation, or a combination of safety violations, that hbct gunnery manual it unsafe to continue gnnery course, the safety officer should disqualify the crew and remove them from the range.

Hbct gunnery manual conducted the gunnery the way every unit should. The gunner and manula commander when they were firing was evaluated on his ability to transition the weapon to appropriate sectors of fire in order to prevent friendly fire and accurately engage enemy targets. The series of engagements on each table is intended to duplicate within the safety and resource constraints of live-fire gunnery ranges typical battlefield tasks under realistic conditions against likely target arrays.


Within the allotted time per exercise, the gunner must obtain the minimum kills per target to pass each task. The hbct gunnery manual gunnwry gunnery program is designed to train scout crews, sections, hbbct platoons to employ their weapon systems effectively in a combat environment. The statistics help to develop future firing scenarios and are maintained by the master gunner, small arms master gunner, or senior gunner.

A sample 6-month gunnery training schedule follows. Conduct a system check-out procedure and preoperational inspection hbct gunnery manual an MA2 TOW launcher system and encased missile.

Small shot groups outside the scoring space are usually caused by incorrect sight alignment, sight picture, or zero. Training Plan The master gunner and the gunnery officer-in-charge OIC should create a gunnery training plan 6 months before execution, if possible. Each group is assigned a firing order manjal. Before conducting the basic, intermediate, or advanced gunnery tables, the TC and gunner must be proficient in individual and crew tasks. The success of the gunnery depended on the careful planning and staging of all training hgct to qualify the crews for the life-fire GTs.

The total ammunition for hbct gunnery manual exercise is rounds of mix:.

FM Chapter 12 Light Cavalry Tables Part 1

Engage multiple targets double-E silhouettes. Each hbct gunnery manual had a set time that it was to be at the motor pool with percent accountability to receive further guidance. Engage a double-E silhouette target.

Hbct gunnery manual 3 and 4, 10 meters. This is the first time VGCs fire live ammunition from their respective vehicle platforms. The jbct Transportation Battalion requested 4, rounds per crew in consideration of the possibility of crews having to re-engage one or more tables.


Some exercises are fired hbct gunnery manual an NBC environment. These crews are groomed to function as one cohesive unit dedicated to protecting the force and ensuring the success and safety of the mission.

Hbct Gunnery Manual

Clear, disassemble field stripassemble, perform hbct gunnery manual function check, load, and perform immediate action on a MK 19 machine gun. The commander may change the sequence of the tasks and may change the positioning of stationary PC targets from frontal to flank views. The evaluation began with the unit commander being alerted through a notification sequence from his higher echelon the battalion S—3 section.

It was important for all crews to remain focused on gunnery until completion, and because of time constraints, it was imperative that the other crews be ready to replace a crew should a crew gunnedy be able to complete the gunnery.

One point is given for each round impacting in each space for Table I. The only major difference was that the tasks hbct gunnery manual not timed because the hbct gunnery manual trainer was available to accommodate gunnery for sustainment units.

Crew gunnery is a long, drawn-out process that requires extensive planning and preparation. The commander hbct gunnery manual change the positioning of stationary PC targets from frontal to flank views.

The 8-step training model plan, develop an operation order, teach, perform a reconnaissance, rehearse, execute, conduct an after-action review, and re-execute should be used.