22 Sep [Hans Kung] is 20% off every day at but not until modern times has the reality of God been so strongly called into doubt. 2 Jan Does God exist? The question implies another: Who is God? This book is meant to give an answer to both questions and to give reasons for. 11 Jan HANS KUNG is, by reason of his assorted exchanges with the Vatican, one of Perhaps more than any other of his books, ”Does God Exist?”.

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Does God Exist?: An Answer for Today: Hans Küng: : Books

An Answer for Todayplease sign up. The way this kind of appeal can be a quasi-solution to the problem of evil was spelled out hans kung does god exist the 19th century by Henry Mansel in The Limits of Religious Thought.

Theology can answer the question of where the first atoms came from, and what the purpose of the world is, how it will end, They are doubtful about their belief, hans kung does god exist they Most of it is devoted to four points. Those who know the history of modern atheism, and the difficulties of modern theologies, know that these two assumptions have hans kung does god exist fundamental since the 17th century.

Jul 01, Gregory rated it really liked it. Only, he posits question to its sufficiency of arguments. Does he give us a theodicy? Accordingly, I cannot see how he can say belief in the Christian God is rationally justifiable.

This quite interesting book addresses two main and fundamental questions on theology and on philosophy alike: And this is precisely where I believe the major debate today needs to be focused. Of its type, I can’t fault it as a theology classic, but it will only persua The Jesuit institution of higher learning from which I graduated required a certain number of theology courses. Please try again later. If God exists, there must be a meaningful answer to all these three existential inquiry for he can be the ultimate ground, source and goal hans kung does god exist all reality.


Accordingly, we cannot know that a good God would want to prevent all evil. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Does God Exist

Thanks for telling us about the problem. More than Pure Reason: This book is meant to give an answer to both questions and to give reasons for this answer. No, he speaks disparingly [ sic.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. On Being made me think, made me question and still did after my 3rd read through of it.

Because of this truth—despite many untruths, despite polytheism, magic, natural forces and superstition—people in the world religions can gain eternal salvation.

Does God Exist? An Answer for Today by Hans Küng

God is there waiting for us at the finish line. Open Preview See a Problem? Preview — Does God Exist? View all 3 comments.

My concern has been only to focus on a few key issues which, had they been treated hans kung does god exist, could have made the book much stronger. Let me convey that creeping sense of horror that slithers its way into one’s skin, flushed in disappointment. The scale of the book is imposing, and the author’s historical approach makes it difficult at first to follow his arguments, but the logic becomes clear as the book progresses.


This is probaly the best book I have ever read.

It seems that he accepts the view that the only experience we can have of actualities beyond ourselves is through hans kung does god exist senses f. At present, understanding person is not ontological nature of being but psychological self-consciousnessthus, acquiring various ideas.

While the learning and scholarship Kung brings to bear is impressive, and his position well argued, he ultimately doesn’t manage in my view to prove his position – that belief in God is better than non-belief.

It thus explains how the ideas of deity that are present in every tradition could be based in part on a direct experience of God. Where do we come from?

Does God Exist? An Answer for Today

gdo If God exists, then he can be the ground, support, and goal of human existence, despite all the menace hans kung does god exist fate and death, emptiness and meaninglessness, sin and damnation, and nonbeing. The finish line is in sight. It reveals itself as a deep work at once conservative in its faith and substantive in its scholarship.

I’ve learned a lot from it.

For, after so many crises, it is surprising how much has been clarified and how many difficulties in regard to belief in God have melted into the Light that no darkness has overcome.

Read it Forward Read it first.