The HalleluYah Scriptures: Never in history has there been a translation of the. HalleluYah Scriptures – The Superior & Most Anointed Version By Far. 16 u. The HalleluYah Scriptures. Never in history has there been a translation of the.

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Perfection is a must! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Every minister and apologist should have a copy of this for reference and congregations should be exposed to its basic tenets. Such a printing operation was never done again.

Who is Behind HalleluYah Scriptures – HalleluYah Scriptures Review

The fathers name is Yahuah there is no w in ancient paleo Hebrew. Unfortunately, the HS usage of these underlying terms is not always correct. I believe our Father would have His true Body hand them over to Satan and distance themselves from anything their hands produced.

I strongly advise all others to do the same. When translating from one language to another, you will have to add some words to keep the Meaning the same.

An entity was setup for distribution of The Scriptures. Andrew, while I appreciate those scriptufes the Body who are looking out for us dumb sheep, I want to warn everyone that declaring a pagan around every corner is a slipper slope.

Much of that is lost in English. Messianic Hall of Shame supporting the HS position 1.

There are two official narratives — one coming from the HS people and one coming from the successors of the late Chris Koster. I corresponded numerous times with Shalom Weiss as a sister in the faith in Mashiach, I often asked her for her input on matters in certain areas concerning Torah, for there was a bond of trust there for I truly believed in her and because of her staunch support in His pure word in the Ibri. Those that are behind it have not repented. Is this version incorrect, and is it teaching a false truth like all the other Bibles like the KJV etc?


Maybe He will answer you. He seems to have willfully pulled bits and pieces from each as he liked.

The HalleluYah Scriptures are saying they are the one true translation, is this so? Read please John That Yahweh is One: No one in heaven, or going to heaven sins! Though a beautiful translation that I have really enjoyed and one I will probably use more often nowthe translator takes numerous liberties with the Greek text that a team would quickly have picked out and insisted upon retranslation.

Which Bible Version? Examining the HalleluYah Scriptures I

The New 30 Years War: Tis a good question, who is behind [h]alleluyah scriptures? We are all shaking our heads and wondering how this could happen. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Scrkptures Halleluyah Scriptures is corrupt and deceiving when she denies the Supreme Deity of our precious Messiah!

Any time I ever asked Shalom for stock for various ministries or believers in need, I never scgiptures any problem in obtaining free copies for them. The body of His gathering, or the house of Elohim is NOT to be divided against itself, for a scripturws divided against itself shall not stand. The Scholars of Any Translation Finally, having checked which MSS have been used for the ground text of the translation, I check out reviews made by scholars and users generally [1].


The Company was registered before the first copy was printed. This is standard practice in scholarly works of translation so that they can be checked. Now my hopes are shattered because this was my final frontier in my search for truth and I do not speak for my wife for she is so discouraged she instructed me to leave her out of this confusing scummy dross.

There has to be reconcilliation not just for the sake of personal integrity before the Throne but for the sake of the original translator, Chris Koster, who sacrificed so much to produce this translation that is loved by so many thousands, irrespective of whether it has been published under the ISRV or HS label.

We did not put up this site to make anything of ourselves. Ironically, on April15, I was reading my E-mail from H. If it is true Weiss and you are viewing my message I am cut deep in my inward parts.

Not a person Latin — persona; put on the face of an actor Zec Their deeds, while this one was certainly noble, will not gain them what they hope for. I have no affiliation with the H. I guess never put down the gift of discernment, especially in these last days. Many old scriptures were found to have the vowels in the Name…….