4 Oct Feedback about this guide, or any error found, can be reported using the that shows the configuration of the system rules for the firewall’s DNAT. It is also the only zone that by default can access the management interface. 1 Mar Endian UTM Reference Manual. This reference can be found here: UTM series: Security gateways, i.e. Mini 25, Mercury Series, Macro Series – this manual. Network configuration The Firewall Menu ยท Common. The rest of this guide follows the layout of the main navigation bar – each Support for ICMP protocol; handling of multiple sources/ports/protocols per rule.

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The system will then ask for username and password. This is the only zone that can not be managed: Two possibilities are available dndian reach the CLI: You are really helping us very much!

Endian UTM 5.0 Reference Manual

Hint Tips about configuration of options. The Endian UTM Appliance has pre-defined firewall rules that forbid the network traffic to flow between some of the zones. At their bottom there might be present one or more hyperlinks to online resources. Whenever a Multiselect box is used e. There are also some terms that have a special usage or meaning throughout this manual, and that can be found in the Glossary.

Endian Firewall Reference Manual

As a general rule, Endian adheres to the notation of the manufacturer. Some of configurxtion pages e. The baud rate is in older appliances that have not yet upgraded to the 3.

However, errors cannot be completely ruled out. The version in cojfiguration the feature first appeared and short description. When you change page, the information are updated. There are also console-based access via SSH and serial console, although they are suggested to advanced users only. The system will then ask for username and password. HTTP Proxy Time based access control with multiple time intervals; group based confuguration access policies; zone based operation mode: Note that when referring to items under the Hotspot Administration Interface, the initial Menubar is usually omitted.

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Endian Firewall Reference Manual r.

Specify “admin” as the username and provide the password you set during the installation or, if you bought an appliance, the one you got from your reseller. It encompasses all the networks outside the Endian UTM Appliance or, broadly speaking, the Internet, and is the source of incoming connections.

There are two types of actions that can be performed within the GUI: All trade names are used without a guarantee of free usage and might be registered trademarks. You can change the status by clicking on the icon.

The main navigation bar and the sub menu now remain steady on the top and of the left-hand side of the window, respectively, when scrolling down a long endizn. Besides for emphasis, italics is used to denote non-interactive objects or labels within the web GUIwhile a dashed-underlined word s indicates objects that require user interaction, i.

Other products mentioned here could be trademarks of the respective manufacturer. Clicking on this icon will open the appropriate editor for that item. These icons are placed in the Actions column on the right of the various tables that appear on the pages and usually show a list of the configuratioh defined, like e. You can immediately start exploring the different options and the information available to you through this interface.


The sub-menu appears on the left-hand side of the GUI and changes depending on the module selected on the menubar. Switches Switches are used to entirely enable or disable a service and are present on gide top of the main area.

Each item in the main menu-bar represents a different section of the Endian UTM Appliance and is presented in a separate chapter, with sub-menu items and tabs having sub- and sub-sub-sections headings markup respectively.

This part is static and does not change. Warning Changing this value will cause the service to restart! The main navigation bar, situated right below configurattion header, is a menu bar with a black background and a green bottom line that gguide all the available sections of the Endian UTM Appliance.

Note In case the network is not configured properly, the serial console may represent the only way to access the Endian UTM Appliance.

Hint The baud rate is in older appliances that have not yet upgraded to firedall 3. Changed in version 3. The same network range confifuration above is expressed as:. This is an example box. RED, this is the so-called Untrusted segmenti. Some action is only available on some type of lists:. When clicking on one of the modules e.

In the Switchboard and in the 4i Connect Client appear also the following icons: