The Elephantine Papyri. Robert Hutto. Through the nineteenth century and into the beginning of the twentieth, a collection of papyri was found at and around a. The Elephantine papyri are written in Aramaic, the lingua franca of the Persian period from Asia Minor to Arabia and Upper. Egypt. In vocabulary, phraseology. One of the oldest collections of Jewish manuscripts, dating from the fifth century BCE, the Elephantine papyri were written by the Jewish community at.

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You may say in Egypt Jewish Life in Ancient Egypt: The Elephantine documents include letters and legal contracts from family and other archives: This unique Jewish community possessed its own temple to Yahweh on the island, apparently functioning alongside the long-established cult shrine of the local ram-headed deity Khnum. For his daughter Yehoishema’s dowry, Ananiah had transferred to her partial ownership of the house he shared with Tamut.

The Jews had their own temple to Yahweh [1] evincing polytheistic beliefs, which functioned alongside that of Khnum. The property, in a town on Elephantine Island, named for the god Khnumwas located across the street from the Temple of Yahou and adjacent to the Persian family of Ubil’s Father. This document to the right describes a property purchased by Ananiah, twelve years after his marriage, from a Persian soldier named Bagazust and his wife, Ubil.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Image of document is in gallery below. The papyri have been grouped here by topic, such as marriage contract, real estate transaction, or loan agreement. Possibly because the clients elephatine dissatisfied with something the scribe had written, at one point the text of the document breaks off and then starts over again, repeating what has gone on before with some additions. pwpyri


Oxford University Press, Though some fragments on papyrus are much older, the largest number of papyri are written in Aramaicthe lingua franca of the Persian Empireand document the Jewish community among soldiers stationed at Elephantine under Persian rule, — BCE. So do you count fou[rteen days of the month of Nisan and] obs[erve the passover ], and from the 15th to the 21st day of [Nisan observe the festival of unleavened bread].

Princeton University Press,pp.

The papyri suggest that, “Even in exile and beyond, the veneration of a female deity endured. Anat-Yahu is described as either the wife [12] or paredra, sacred consort [13] of Yahweh or as a hypostatized aspect of Yahweh.

Elephantine Papyri

Porten, Bezalel with J. Three years after purchasing the house from Bagazust and Ubil, Ananiah transferred ownership of an apartment within the now renovated house to his wife, Tamut.

Future children, however, would still be born slaves. Sachau, 6; Ungnad, 6; Cowley, The first modern indications as to the existence of this community were revealed in papyri bought by Giovanni Belzoni. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yahweh and the Gods and Goddesses of Canaan. The renovation of the house and its gradual transfers to family members are the central concerns of the next several documents in Ananiah’s family archive.

The legal descriptions of the house preserve the names of Ananiah’s neighbors. Views Read Edit View history. Official excavation of the island commenced inproviding an archaeological context for the fascinating details of daily life revealed in the archives. A Family Archive from the Nile Oapyri. The receipt demonstrates that friendly business relations continued between Egyptians and Jews in Elephantine after the expulsion of the Persians by pharaoh Amyrtaios of the 28th Dynasty.

In contrast to Jewish documents like this one, contemporaneous Egyptian marriage documents were dlephantine between a husband and wife.

Elephantine papyri – Wikipedia

Both Sanballat and Johanan are mentioned in the Book of Nehemiah2: He was the first person to find Aramaic papyri. As with all property transfers within a family, this gift elephantne described as made “in love”.


Yahwehand his wife, Tamut, who was previously an Egyptian slave owned by a Jewish master, Meshullam. The Elephantine Papyri consist of documents from the Egyptian border fortresses of Elephantine and Syene Aswanwhich yielded hundreds of papyri in Hieratic and Demotic EgyptianAramaicGreekLatin and Copticspanning a period of years.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

To] my brethren Yedoniah and the Jewish garrison, your brother Hanani[ah]. There is evidence from excavations that the rebuilding and enlargement of the Khnum temple under Nectanebo II — took the place of the former temple of YHWH.

A multicultural couple marries, buys a house, raises kids. Egyptian farmers discovered the archive of Ananiah and Tamut on Elephatine Island inwhile digging for fertilizer in the remains of ancient mud-brick houses. Legal documents and a cache of letters survived, turned up on the local ‘ gray market ‘ of antiquities starting in the late 19th century, and were scattered into several Western collections.

Elephantine papyri

Image of document in gallery below. Emergent Monotheism in Israel. Ancient marriage documents generally formalized already existing relationships.

Retrieved elepnantine July Canaan and Israel in Antiquity: There was a response of both governors Bagoas and Delaiah which gave the permission by decree to rebuild the temple written in the form of a memorandum: Excavation work done in revealed the remains of the Jewish colony centered on a small temple.

Further Elephantine papyri are at the Brooklyn Museum. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Elephantine papyri.