Dungeons & Dragons D&D 4th Edition Menzoberranzan City of Intrigue Hardcover D&D 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Encounters Council of Spiders 2. Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue (originally planned as the Menzoberranzan Campaign Setting) is a sourcebook and campaign setting. Menzoberranzan was possibly the most well known drow city in Faerûn. many of his early adventures dealt with the political intrigue and characters of the city.

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Leave this field empty. Six chapters make up the book and make no bones about it, the focus here is on running a campaign in which drow are the central characters. The book treats the Drow houses as campaign factions, suggesting to include three in the forefront of your game for a good f&d of intrigue.

Also if your gaming gang is up for playing drow, or evil characters in general, this is dd great addition to your collection. This sort of person spells campaign doom to me. Did you find apk for android? Of course running a 3.

Yes, they would re-use material from them but only as a recycled kind of thing. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Friday, 12th October, All PCs barely survived and back at “home base”, the party wizard cast fireball on the room he had a ring of Fire Resistance killing 2 PCs, and knocking one unconscious, and then used the relic to kill their House Intrlgue that was clearly relic caused and then used teleport to return the relic and teleported back.

Any DM’s who have run a drow campaign or this sourcebook? Players, are mercenaries so they can be of a house or not. Which is a good thing I believe, there is enough theme support through Dragon magazine and the previous sourcebook, Into the Unknown.


Mike Schley | Fantasy City Maps | Menzoberranzan (Digital) $2

Specifically, I know now I have two years in which I could run a campaign, start to finish, and still make it in time for the new edition. Plenty of history about the city is included and loads of ideas come forth as to the different flavors of campaigns one could look to concoct. Results 1 to 10 inrtigue Thursday, 8th December, I like the idea of a session 0, and it intrigye be a good place to set these ground rules and expectations.

Wednesday Boychibi graz’zt gave XP for this post. Menzoberranzan has quite a few things going for it, and it is in fact good enough to make me consider using it as a basis for my next DnD campaign. The house was on the outskirts, and was not overtly evil, trending more towards chaotic neutral the matron was not a follower of Lloth.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The first chapter details creating a campaign in the city of Menzoberranzan with particular interest given to political underpinnings and scheming against other drow houses and characters. Board Game Classics in Electronic Edition. I was mostly impressed with the information on all the Drow houses. Their house was without a female heir, so it lowered in “rank”, but the wizard was “consort” to the matron and simply assumed control.

Now, think of what the party is bring to the table. Email required Address never made public. A new edition release menzoberranzzan is seen by many as a good day to aim to end ihtrigue campaign at.


We play them every week. There was a betrayal The little explored Northdark could lead to a lot of really fun adventures and I found this chapter to be a welcome addition which gamers will appreciate. Reset Fields Log in. When I ran something like this, I had the PC’s hail from a merchant house. This site uses cookies. IMC, the strict hierarchy in drow society made it easy to give them some common goals and enemies, thus keeping them from turning on one another.

Keep it in that realm and you’ll be good.

You can find new Free Android Games and apps. What about maps and particularly maps or cigy of drow architecture? City of Intrigue By M.

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Thanks arjomanes, I actually have the pdf of City of the Spider Queen, i’ll peruse it for ideas. Could it be your band of adventurers could rise to power through the creation of their own faction? You may want to use the milestone XP method. Some of us run campaigns, they last years. Seeking advice on managing a drow group of characters and curious to know what has worked, what has not. Not to give too much away, but it deals with a threat to the drow that also envelops surface races.

Chapter five is a look into the Underdark outside the great city and a good amount of attention is given to various regions as well as changes depending on time periods.