Our Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valve range allow you to positively isolate both sides of the valve with a bubble-tight seal, and vent any excess medium. A Block and bleed manifold is a hydraulic manifold that combines one or more block/isolate Applications that use DBB valves include instrument drain, chemical injection connection, chemical seal isolation, and gauge isolation. DBB valves. 13 May 14 spr DBB 1 A double block-and-bleed plug valve with provable zero leakage can be used for pipelines, liquid bulk terminals, aviation fueling.

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Isolation for Condition 2 e.

Then they bleed off or vent dbb valve remaining fluid from the system on the downstream side of the manifold. Every valve buyer and manufacturer seems to have a different idea of what the dbb valve means for valve selection, which can result in misguided specifications or the wrong choice of valve type.

Significantly, because all the valve components are housed in a single unit, the space required for the installation is dramatically reduced thus freeing up room for other pieces of essential equipment. The mechanical wedge action of a double block-and-bleed plug valve compresses both dbb valve upstream and the downstream seals firmly against dbb valve valve body, which means no help is needed from the line pressure to affect a positive seal.

Latest Post Popular Links Events. Cost saving on site – Dbb valve end-users only have to worry about the cost of one factory tested component, as opposed to different piping valves, instrument valves, flanges, connections and flanged seal rings and then the cost to raise purchase orders.

Modular Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Valves

This valve is used in combustible gas trains in many industrial applications. If the bleeder which is smaller than the in-line valves and may, in fact, be a needle valve were to be plugged the downstream valve would keep process fluid from getting past it.

The customer simply specifies the desired flange, which reduces lead time and results in quicker shipping. To the end user youyou get the advantage of having less weight, which is significant on the top side of a platform when you combine all the pressure instrument take-offs.


On top of that, departments are expected to chase the parts in dbb valve receivable, etc. Two block valves and a bleed valve are as a unit, or manifold, to be installed for positive isolation. The Magic Behind the Metal Post: Oliver Valves only use seal material within their ‘Double Block and Bleed Valve’ range that are resistant to explosive decompression.

While this may seem dbb valve a small matter, he says, it means that some users may think they’ve achieved positive isolation when they haven’t.

This time there is pressure on both the upstream and downstream seals, keeping them fully energized. Dbb valve – Excluding Control Valves. However, there is an operational drawback: Plug – Mechanically Energized Seats. In the oil and dbb valve industry, some of this confusion stems from the fact there are two credible sources that dbb valve the term differently. On the dbb valve hand, a DIB valve uses one or two bidirectional seats. We use cookies to give dbb valve the best online experience.

Instrumentation Ball Valves

The choice of what type depends on the application and type dbb valve service. Block and bleed needle valves are used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems because the needle valve allows dbb valve precise flow regulation when there is low flow in a non-hazardous environment.

Usually with a DBB valve, there are two dbb valve self-relieving seats. For more in-depth information on any of these products, you can also find out more in our brochures which can be found on the Brochure Downloads page.

By using this site, bdb agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. OSHA, dbb valve a branch of the U.

It features all the benefits dbb valve the single unit DBB valve, fbb the added benefit of a bespoke face-to-face dimension if required. A DBB dbb valve DIB valve can provide isolation in both upstream and downstream directions, even in high-pressure or high-temperature situations.

The pressure in the valve cavity can then possibly reach as high as psi, which overcomes the spring on the dbb valve seal and forces it off its seat, discharging fluid downstream to dbb valve people may be working. With Oliver Valves’ DBB valves, you can choose from a different variations, including vent and injection, vwlve range, exotic materials, and all the options available from standard ball and needle valves.

Double Block & Bleed Valves | Alco Valves | UK Valve Manufacturers

This is clearly not dbb valve double isolation and valvs valve. We have manufactured and distributed more thanof these units worldwide, and worked with some of the largest Oil and Gas projects dbb valve the world.


Ensuring Pipeline Valve and Actuator Integrity.

This page dbb valve last edited on 18 December dbb valve, at Considering the operations and procedures executed before an operator can intervene, the Double Block and Bleed manifold offers further advantages over the traditional hook up. Looking for a career in the Valve Industry? Figure 3 shows a situation that might occur when the valve is used in a bypass loop for proving a flowmeter, for example.

First isolation is to a dbb valve piping valve ASME V specification, ball configurations whether they be standard 2-ball valves isolate and needle valve vent, 3-needle valves or 3-ball valves are all firesafe certified valves.

Oliver Valves | Double Block & Bleed Valves | DBB Valves

The XC range of valves vakve secure lock-off of fluid for safe, reliable performance of complex operations. Our floating pattern valves are designed for dbb valve use and feature two ball rings, which hold the ball cbb place under varying levels of pressure. This is important for maintenance or for integrity check situations where leakage can be monitored. The vale valves dbb valve open, and the cavity in the ball is at atmospheric pressure. Both DBB and Dbb valve valves save space, reduce the need for costly multivalve systems and provide zero leakage capabilities from upstream to downstream.

This isolation is critical in cases where dbb valve through a valve could have major consequences. It is also vital to take into account the vlve application for the dbb valve and ensure that the features required for isolation are fully tested during factory acceptance testing of the valve.

Isolation for Condition 1 e. To prevent confusion ExxonMobil Upstream sorts valves into four categories—A, B, C and D—according to the physical flow blocking capabilities of the valve and then provides guidance based on the minimum isolation requirements for a particular application, such as long vs.