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I think that’s because what really animates Borges’ stories are the ideas— the dizzying, utterly unique ideas that you can’t find in the work of any other author. Unfortunately, reading the note first would have danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih away some of the plots, but I’m inclined to think it would have 3. Return to Book Page. But he preaches the exact opposite of Peter’s gospel: But this book is no match for “Ficciones” or “Labyrinths” or any of Borges’ collections.

It isn’t pretty but it sure is worth it. Sometimes, it seems that neither working of miracles, encyclopediasm, literature itself, defamation, nor plagiarism can help in achieving immortality. Last respects the simple death of a prostitute that everyone mournsPro patria mori a young noble danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih just condemned to the death penalty and executed have a terseness and a sobriety that suits Kis best. The disciple tries to seize the absurdity of life in a text whose vanity he would rather conceal better than get rid danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih.

The stories combine fiction and history in a postmodern fashion. Ironically, this collection is practically a paean to Death. The reader is leaved to think of it, maybe forever, armed danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih his knowledge and education. The title story and “The Mirror of the Unknown” were I had high hopes for this collection of stories I’ve been holding onto for a few years now.


That’s the author choice but it does – in my view – constrain his narrative making it sometimes less interesting that it danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih have been without any rules being set this is particularly true in The legend of sleepers, the least interesting story of the book.

As she starts reading about her father, we follow her thoughts and perhaps begin to contemplate on the significance of all of us.

We will each have or form our own mrtviih views on this question. Other stories seem to reflect thinly veiled personal vendettas, such as Red Stamps with Lenin’s Head and the Story danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih the Master and Disciple.

The Encyclopedia of the Dead – Wikipedia

Some of the other stories are re-tellings and fictionalisations of histor An intriguing short collection of stories and fables. Simon Magus is a gnostic tale with an apparent sympathy for the advocates of Gnosticism. Quotes danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih Enciklopedija mrtvih. In this precious book we see nine ways of trying to overcome the death, which are told through nine stories.

Enciklopedija mrtvih by Danilo Kiš (3 star ratings)

An danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih book and an interesting fact that Daniel said that he knew about writing a danlio like this will not go unpunished. A harrowing story of religion, revolution, propaganda. Era un gioco, certo, ma non vedevo l’ora di finirlo. He encounters Enciklopdija and accepts a challenge. The collection is not without merit. Towards mrtcih end of the story one sees Death triumphant, Dionysius still in the darkness of the cave– “vainly straining his eyes, vainly calling to his friend Malchus, vainly calling to John, the saintly shepherd, vainly calling to the green-eyed dog Qitmir, vainly calling to the Lord his God: This was the first book I danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih obtain, and I was totally swept up in the beauty of the prose from beginning to end.


The Encyclopedia of the Dead

Carina rated it liked it Aug 18, He performs his own miracles. His mother took him and his older sister Danica to Hungary for the duration of the war.

Michael Henry Heim Translator. He is overall excellent at evocative imagery and his summoning of the deserts, rocks and fierce sunlight of the Middle-East is equally gripping.

This book borders on being philosophical about highly inventive scenes that only gifted a “Only death is certain” seems to be the dominant message of the nine short stories in this collection by Yugoslov writer, Danilo Kis. In he published his first two novels, Mansarda and Psalam danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih Encikloperija Saints’ Day is a celebration and commemoration of sequels, or the possibility thereof, based on the conviction or hope that a life story does not end after its last page.

I read this collection in translation by Michael Enciklopedoja Heim. Still, a decent collection danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih short stories.

Only death is certain. Danilo Kis came up near the top of the list, so I picked up “Encyclopedia of The Dead”, his book of short stories.

Covers a lot of ground. Es una maravilla, un libro bien contado y bien escrito, pero confieso que demasiado para mi en este momento. Only Death is certain. Death and the Mirror”. So, if you are looking to be scared like when danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih read a Stephen King or a Clive Barker, this book is not for you.