La Cour suprême de Côte d’Ivoire est l’instance la plus élevée de l’appareil de justice du pays. Elle connaît des recours exercés contre les arrêts rendus par les . Principes Fondamentaux d’Indentification du Droit Applicable . La Cour Constitutionnelle du Bénin exerce effectivement les pouvoirs qui lui sont . de Justice et d’Arbitrage (CCJA) dont le siège est à Abidjan en Côte d’Ivoire. en après plusieurs décennies d’application simultanée du droit civil hérité de la. The Law. International Sources of Law Applicable in Côte d’Ivoire ASSI ESSO (A. M), «Précis de droit civil ivoirien: les personnes – la famille» col.

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Moreover the candidate must be Ivorian by origin, with father and mother Ivorian by origin as well. Beside these jurisdictions there is another jurisdiction with a special nature due to the kind of questions it has to deal with. One could expect that this concern was a preoccupation for the State at the outset of Ivorian statehood when setting up judicial institutions, but it appears from the analyses of some authors that it was an issue of simplification of procedures and really the duality of rules will exist whenever the judge in charge of a dispute applies rules relatively to the nature of the dispute.

At the supreme jurisdictions level, such as at the Court of Account, the jurisprudence review is not up to date. The police and State security laws oblige all those living in the Ivorian territory.

Don’t have an account? The Ivorian juridical system has been materially enhanced over time, as all the judicial structures set out in Article 71 of the Constitution are subject to change through legislation.

The mode of election varies according to the number of seats to be filled in that election cycle. The domain of competence of the executive power is, like the legislature, characterized by a rigid separation of powers. The Functioning of the Ivorian Legal System ddoit.

The National Ccivil also determines ciil base, the percentage and modalities to recover all types of taxes, as well as the system of money creation and the electoral regime of the National Assembly and local Assemblies.

Cour suprême (Côte d’Ivoire)

These conventions also introduce the metropolitan legislation into the Ivorian judiciary order. The other ministers must transfer to the Minister of foreign affairs the text on a treaty when they have participated in its elaboration or renunciation, immediately after the signature or adoption, regardless of the importance and character of the text.

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Darest in his treaty of colonial law of The Functioning of the Ivorian Legal System. This principle of uniqueness of jurisdiction has the advantage of avoiding conflicts of competences.

In such a system there is no link between the competence and the source of the dispute. The cojrs made fully applicable the customary legislation in A.

In that regard various laws civi, been adopted and are in use. The functioning of Ivorian territory was thus marked by the French state organization, which is characterized ivoirie the centralization of the state and a public sector in charge of social management. Finding libraries that hold this item To the south is the Atlantic Ocean, a main road for trade with the rest of the world.

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Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. The chief of the executive serves also as an embodiment of national unity, [32] chief of the administration, [33] and supreme chief of armies, [34] as well as guarantor of the independence of the judiciary. Also, when required by drkit circumstances, the President of Republic is legally enabled to behave as a temporary dictator.

Individuals who wish to make use of the judicial system must know in advance the competent judge, the way he could be referred and the way the trial dfoit be conducted. Only the CCJA is competent to igoirien the verdict of exequatur. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. The section will both analyze the general principles which govern the legal system, and discuss the specific institutions through which the system operates.

In igoirien a case, the President of Republic is tried by the High Justice Court, which is composed of deputies and chair by the President of the Cassation Court [16]. Advanced Search Find a Library. The Constitution is the fundamental law chosen by Ivorian people.

In effect it notices the hindrance of the PR [44]. These are mainly individual and family law. In order to learn from the confusion of powers created by the hierarchical status of the public ministry, the Ivorian constitution incited a fundamental reform consisting of the modification of the disciplinary regime for the public ministry. The importance of rigorous standards for the selection of candidates for the presidential election shows the importance of the position.

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Civul spite of the various adaptations, this second stage of development of the legal system was marked by the renewal of the general principles governing the colonial system. See Sirey,2, p Individuals are sent to the Court of Sat after being indicted by the Court of Appeal, which is the second degree instruction jurisdiction. Following the military coup of December 24,the Constitution of November 3, which had prevailed for 40 years was suspended and replaced by the new Constitution adopted by referendum on August 1 st Under the regime of the old Constitution of Ivoiren 3 rd, the law fixed the disciplinary regime of magistrates.

The state is located in western sub-Saharan Africa and is member of the African Union. This means that the National assembly can neither overthrow the government nor vote a Censure Motion against the chief of the executive.

The law states that it does not have a retroactive effect.

Précis de droit civil ivoirien : les personnes, la famille (Book, ) []

Please verify that you are not a robot. As the guarantor of the existence and the continuity of the State and protection of the Constitution, the President of the Republic, who embodies the executive ivoirine, has the power to initiate revision of the Constitution [36] and constitutional referenda.

As indicated by Lampue, theses texts are those which, outside the constitution, organize the government, set cicil competency rules for public power, and set the functioning conditions of central organs whose actions impact the whole state. Buildings, even those belonging to foreigners, are subject to the Ivorian law.

Despite the fact that CI has been autonomous and sovereign since its independence, the effects of colonial conquest have not completely disappeared.

He is responsible for setting national policy and is the head of the administration. The President of Republic, though chief of the government, is not politically responsible to the National Assembly. The E-mail message field is required.

Your rating has been recorded. This legal system provides all the rules establishing the status of public and private persons, and defining the relationships between public and private persons.