Récidive après une MVTE survenue sous contraception oestroprogestative: quel risque? quels facteurs de risque? Article in La Revue de Médecine Interne [Combined contraceptives] La contraception oestroprogestative. same fashion that inhibition of ovulation is achieved by combined oral contraceptives (OCs). [Counseling and combined estrogen-progestin oral contraception: how to correct the myths?] Counseling et contraception orale oestro-progestative combinée.

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Read our full Security, Privacy, and Copyright Policies. These symptoms typically improve after two to three months. It is an intramuscular injection meaning that it is injected into the muscles that is given every 3 months. It oestrpprogestative effective for three years. Access to the full text of this article requires a subscription.

[Oral oestro-progestative contraception and cervical and vaginal cytology (author’s transl)].

The pill is therefore sometimes prescribed for other reasons. Six weeks later, oestroprogesttative ultrasound has to be conducted to ensure the correct positioning of the IUD. There is a lower chance of forgetting about it, and a lower risk of malabsorption as, in this case, hormone absorption happens through the skin. Previous Article Diagnostic de oestroprogestatkve maladie veineuse thromboembolique idiopathique: It is recommended to take painkillers one hour before the insertion of the IUD to reduce pain.

The second kind of IUD is a hormonal coil containing progesterone.

This is a combined contraceptive method containing both oestrogen and progesterone that is applied weekly. Counseling allows patients to freely and knowledgably decide on the choice of a contraceptive method.

Condoms are less effective than all other methods of contraception previously mentioned. Hormonal Oestroprogestatve Gain Weight?


[Combined contraceptives] |

If such problems persist, you should consult your doctor to consider a different type of contraception and exclude the risk of another cause for the symptoms. However, there is a more recently developed IUD especially designed for young women who have not yet been pregnant.

The absence of ovulation during pregnancy is caused by a balanced secretion of estrogens and progesterone in the same fashion that inhibition of ovulation is achieved by combined oral contraceptives OCs. Malignant cervical cancer cells were found in only 0. Knowledge of a pill’s hormonal “relationship” allows pill choice to be adapted to the individual woman.

Also, contraceptive advantages, non-contraceptive advantages and disadvantages of estrogen-progestin pills and their side effects are mentioned in this article. For those with no risk factors, the pill is still an important method.

This is an invisible and discreet method.


For a long time, oral hormonal contraception has been the chosen method. These data coincide with those from similar studies, and show that OC can cause a number of morphological disorders, more or less serious, in the cervico-vaginal cytology; these disorders, however, regress spontaneously after termination of OC. In Luxembourg, the cost of the sterilisation procedure is not refunded by CNS.

As a consequence, the period may become lighter, or it may even stop.

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Is there a risk of cancer if I take the pill? Benign anomalies concerned epithelial cells, endocervical cells, and Malpighi cells. However, a small proportion of patients report periods of irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, contraceptiom cysts or systemic hormonal effects such as headaches, acne, weight gain or mood swings. At the same time, there is a contraindication to hormonal contraceptives if the patient has had breast cancer in her personal medical history.


The first is the copper coil, which stops the sperm from surviving in the womb, and prevents nidation the embedding of a fertilised egg cell. It works by blocking ovulation, thickening the cervical mucus the sticky substance produced in the neck of the uterusand affecting the endometrium lining oestroprogesgative the womb. The period may also come early or late.

In case of failure of a combined OC another contraceptive method can be substituted. It comes in the form of a single pill. Combined OCs can be classified according to whether the estrogen or progestin is dominant.

Skip to main content. This is a small, T-shaped object inserted into the uterus which stays there for years. There are many factors to be taken into account depending on the information we receive, the price, the expectations of women and particularly the medical background of each patient. The owners of this website hereby guarantee to respect the legal confidentiality conditions, applicable in France, and not to disclose this data to third parties.

Contact Help Who are we? The morning-after pill is solely an emergency solution. A pill containing levonorgestrel, which can be taken up to 72 hours 3 days after sexual intercourse without or with unsatisfactory protection. How effective are the different methods of contraception?