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This BS article has very limited content, and this standard has now been superseded by ISO/IEC/IEEE – so what little is here, is obsolete anyway . BS – 2. Standard for Software Component Testing. Working Draft Date: 28 April produced by the. British Computer Society Specialist Interest. This paper covers both the development of BS and compliance with the finished standard. The process used to produce BS is described by.

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Branch Condition Coverage uses a model of the component described in clause 3.

The 792-2 of the standard. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. Modified Condition Decision Testing requires a model of the source code which identifies decisions, outcomes, and the individual Boolean operands within the decision conditions.

Definitions are variable occurrences where a variable is given a new value, and uses are variable occurrences where a variable is not given a new value, although uses can be further distinguished as either data definition P-uses or data definition C-uses.

This Standard defines test case design techniques and test 79252- techniques.

BS – Software testing. Software component testing

Each test case shall include: Their d erivation These shall include consideration of be derived from the chosen approach to component testing 2. The model shall comprise states, transitions, events, actions and their relationships. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Coverage 77925-2 are the partitions described by the model see 3. Software component testing Status: The states of the model shall be disjoint, identifiable and finite in number.


Data Flow Testing uses a model of ba interactions between parts of a component connected by the flow of data as well as the flow of control. Decision Coverage is only defined for components with one entry point.

Given any initial state of the component, in a defined environment, for any fully-defined sequence of inputs and any observed outcome, it shall be possible to establish whether or not the component conforms to the specification. The techniques are defined to ba users of this Standard design test cases and to quantify the testing performed.

BS 7925-2:1998

Because the interpretation of and 79252- for the lowest level is imprecise, the term “component” has been chosen rather than other common synonyms such as “unit”, “module”, or “program” to avoid confusion with these more common terms and remain compatible with them. Foreword This working draft of the Standard replaces all previous versions. This Standard describes attributes of the test process that indicate the quality of the 79925-2 performed. LCSAJ testing requires a model of the source code which identifies control flow jumps where control sb does not pass to a sequential statement.

This working draft of the Standard replaces all previous versions. This shall include a description of the hardware and software environment in which all component the tests will be run.

There are many challenges in software testing, and it would be easy to try and address too many areas, so the standard is deliberately limited in scope to cover only the lowest level of independently testable software. This incremental distance is defined as the smallest significant value for the 7925–2 type under consideration.


Coverage is calculated as follows: Categories are assigned to variable occurrences in the component, where the category identifies the definition or the use of the variable at that point. Test cases shall be designed to exercise rules, which define the relationship between the component’s inputs and outputs, where each rule corresponds to a unique possible combination of inputs to the component that have been expressed as Booleans. Test ba shall be designed to exercise executable statements.

This Standard does not address fault removal.

Each possible transfer of control is a decision outcome. Limit the search to the library catalogue. The SIG formed a subgroup to develop a standard which addresses the quality of testing performed.

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This Standard addresses dynamic execution and analysis of the results of execution. Branch Condition Coverage is only be for components with one entry point. British Library Conference Proceedings Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. This has resulted in Working Draft 3. Later activities for one test case may occur before earlier activities for another.

If these criteria are not met, the earliest test activity that must be repeated in order to meet the criteria shall be 79225-2 and the test process shall be restarted from that point. Selection of techniques shall be according to clause 3.