One of these is Brihat Jataka (f55fl?T$) written by Varahamihira. He was born near Ujjain. The date of his birth is not known, but Mr. A A. Macdonell says that. 6 Jul Sanskrit Jyotisha Books, many of which are from the Digital Library of India. Brihat Jataka is a great classic of Vedic astrology composed by The Great He also authored the famous Brihat Samhita, Laghu Jataka and Yogayatra.

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Saturn is the leader of the outcastes. The date of these works can safely be assigned to the middle of the sixth century.

Shastri published in by Motilal Banarsidas, Delhi. Venus is ever fond of ease, possesses a beautiful body and has soft eyes. Again, suppose there is a planet occupying the beginning of the l’J th house and another the end of the 11th, the relative distance between them being say only 2 or 3 degrees. That the Moon in con- junction with Mars in the 12th or the Lagna will mean that the Moon is just risen or rising. If there is friendliness both naturally and temporarily on the part of a planet, he is a great friend.

When the last degree of Meena is rising and Mercury has passed 25 minutes in Vrishabha, and when all the other planets are in their full exaltation, the person born at such a time lives for the full maximum period of life prescribed, viz. The lords of the signs and their Amsas. Place of delivery ascertainable from the position of certain planets, Accouchment in darkness, the.

If only two of them are powerful of the same strengtheven then the above order holds. The net result is 2 malefic strokes which means that Mars when passing through this sign will be productiv of 2 or nrihat evil. By rule-of-three process, we get the Ayurdaya of horses and other animals.

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If Jupiter is trine to the Bqqqq Adhana Lagna, the union is likely to bear fruit. Each planet possesses Kalabala in his hour, day, month and year, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and the Sun rise respectively in natural strength — Naisargika bala. Adhana and birth will be less than the time taken for 10 lunar revolutions or 9 solar months. Thus the dot in the largest plate indicates the position of the Lagna.

Others assert the contrary. The colour on the back of the animal natural stripes of jagaka animal at its back should be predicted btihat the planets placed in the brihar bhava from the Lagna. In his period should be predicted trouble to the eyes.

The Sun is in his own decanate. During the second month, the embryo hardens and becomes more solid, and the lord of the month is Mars. I also offer my thanks to my friends who have helped me in this effort.

The lords of these are Jupiter and the Sun ; and the stronger of them is the Sun. If the Sun be in a moveable sign, the lamp is not a fixture but can be moved about.

The Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira: Varāhamihira: : Books

A classic, translated by a great Scholar. IV declared to be male or female upon ascertaining the preponderance in strength of the several planets above mentioned influencing birth. That is, if the Moon in the 6th or the 8th place be not aspected by any planet, the child will not die. If the Moon be aspected by several malefic planets, the woman will leave her own house and become a bgihat.

DSpace at West Bengal State Central Library: BRIHAT JATAKA ED. 2ND

Take the strongest of them f Sl. If, in descending, jatakq gets good places, the dasa improves. Night signs represent enjoyment in darkness and Day signs enjoyment in the presence of brihaf either of a lamp or of the Moon. If not, find out the rising Dwadasamsa and predict the colour of the animal as described in I, 20 and II, 5.


The two planets n the 7th place from the Moon affect the wife with iisease.

But for this help, it would not have been possible for me to bring forth this edition. The Moon in Dhanus in Radix of a horoscope will bring honor, wealth and happiness.

Mercury is his enemy. There are two jatakka yogas in this sloka as stated above. The good or evil happening to the child during each month is dependent on the condition of its lord; i. If the aspecting planet be Mars, the union will be with a voluptu- ary.

Brihat Jataka (varahamihira)

The nature of the effects of the several kinds of dasas will be in quite accord with the appellations they bear ; their uses, I shall explain in their dasa periods. Then hold the three plates in position and proceed with the fourth and so- on. These yogas take effect only when their authors fail to have benefic aspect on them. The 7th house is known as Jamitra, the 5th as Trikona,and thp 10th as Meshurana.

He will get reproaches from his servants, children and wife and will suffer loss of limbs.