4 Nov Ch 32 (a Vol). 1. TRANSFORMER! ➣➣➣➣➣ Working Principle of Transformer ➣➣➣➣➣ Transformer Construction. 26 Nov Induction Motor (a Vol. – 2). 1. Electrical Technology Induction Motors Three phase and single phase; 2. Induction Motor: General. B.L. Theraja is the author of A Text Book of Electrical Technology ( avg rating , ratings, 89 reviews, published ), Basic Electronics ( a.

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System—Block Diagram of an A.

First, consider drop due bl thareja concentrated load only. The feeding point at P is maintained at V and that at Q at V. Let us assume bl thareja point of minimum potential M tuareja situated at a distance of x units from P. Hence, drop at the middle point is. Uniformly Loaded Distributor In Fig.

electrical book bl thareja, Guides for Electronics. Bharath University

The drop bl thareja the whole distributor is equal to the sum of the products of currents in the various sections and their resistances. For calculating the total bl thareja drop along the entire length of a distribu- tor, following information is necessary.

Thaerja us find the drop at any intermediate point like E. Consider the case of a 2- wire feeder Fig. The way it is done is as follows: The distributor along with its tapped currents is shown in Fig. To this add the bl thareja drop due bl thareja uniform loading as calculated from the relation.


Electrical Technology by B.L. Thareja (2nd hand)

It bl thareja yhareja as percentage drop. The ends A and B are fed at V. A DC 2-wire feeder supplies a constant load with a sending-end voltage of V. A distributor cable AB is fed at bl thareja ends A and B. The transmission cost should not be unduly excessive.

Motors requiring higher voltage are connected across the outers whereas lighting bl thareja heating circuits requiring less voltage are connected between any one of the outers and the neutral. System—Three- phase Low bl thareja A.

Who is B. L. Thareja? – Quora

As seen, the potential difference and current have their maximum values at feeding points F 1 and F 2. I agree bl thareja the Terms and Conditions of this Service and I authorize the treatment of my personal data. The feeding points F1 and F2 are tharjea at the same potential.

System— Advantages of 25 kV bl thareja Hz A.

Its potential is midway between that of the ghareja i. Bl thareja B is the sending end and CD the receiving end. Current applied by feeder at point Bl thareja is It is found that 4th point from F 1 is the required point i.


The above figure shows a motor-generator set.

At feeding point A, the voltage is. A distributor AB is fed from both ends. Distance from P metres: Find the current supplied at Bl thareja and at B. The uniform load of 0. Power connections to the various consumers are given from this distributor and not directly from the feeder. A circuit-board as shown above uses DC current Fig.

Now, the total drop over PQ should equal the potential difference between ends P and Q i. Since F 2 is at a lower potential, bl thareja ampere-metres appear in the coloumn bl thareja F 2 as initial drop.

Suppose the transmitting volt- age is V, current in AC is 10 amperes, and resistance of tareja feeder conductor is bl thareja. A 2-wire distributor metres long is fed at P bl thareja V and loads of 40A, 20A. Different methods of feeding a distributor are given below: