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Mothods used in writing this is qualitative descriptive, wherethe data that appears is the words that usually arranged in the form of the text that expanded.

The technique of determining samples by census or survey and assigning a total sample of 40 people. View original from jom.

Where each individual have dependency against the environment andother human beings. Along with thedevelopment of the times, human desire to be able to meet the needs of his education isincreasing, one a student of these symptoms generally realized with the left the origin andmoved into new areas, a student who did this often referred to migrants student.

The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that affect the selection of friends in one boarding house. Thisstudy aims to know the factors that foregrounded the establishment of the social groups andactivities with conducted a student of the migrants in hostels Karimun Dang Melini, Pekanbaru,with the first nangau out the relationship between individuals through the closeness sociometryand technique sociogram form of free. Warrenassertingthat the social groups is a group that includes two or more human, which among them there aresome of the interaction that can be understood by members or other people in its entirety.


The focus of this research is to form the social relations of friends in one boarding house. The techniques analysis of the data more using cross check information.

Bangau sakti: (Sian hok sin tjin) – Google Books

The study found that there are several factors that determine the selection of boarding buddies banyau the respondents in Kosan Empat Dara In Bangau Sakti, namely as follows: In addition, tribal factors did not affect the preferences of respondents in determining buddies one kos For a student ofthe migrants from the county Karimun this prefer to stay in hostels Karimun Dang Melini,Pekanbaru because in addition to the security themselves also feel familiar in his new and stillfeel being in a group of their own.

User Username Password Remember me. Personal Banhau, Research finds that respondents consider the personality of one’s friends to see if the peers can be used as friends when hangau together or not. Pekanbaru is one of the city accommodate many students from various areas. In general that humans born to have and the group with otherhuman beings, it means that the survival of human took place with the atmosphere of supporteach other in together.

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Lifestyle Similarity, the study found that respondents chose buddy one more influenced by the similarity of hobby and other similarity activities Raucek and Roland L. The addiction can be realized in social interaction that is the key of allsocial life, because without interaction won’t be there may be life together, so cause socialgroups in human life.

However, these factors are not too The writer uses quantitative descriptive method and Instrument data is observation, questionnaire and documentation.

Social Relations, Peer Friends Preference. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages. The theory used is the theory closeness, sakit theory reasonpractical, and the theory balance. According to the Josep S.