ASTM D Standard Test Method for Conductimetric Analysis of Water Soluble Ionic Contamination of Blast Cleaning Abrasives. 1 Jan Buy ASTM D TEST METHODS FOR CONDUCTIMETRIC ANALYSIS OF WATER SOLUBLE IONIC CONTAMINATION OF. ASTM D standard describes the conductivity test used to assess the presence of ASTM D test method consists in combining equivalent volumes of.

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Register for a trial account. I do astm d think anyone can confidently quantify abrasive contamination transfer to a surface during abrasive blast cleaning, as there are too many variables to consider.

Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. The 4d940 of the water is then visually examined for any oil droplets or sheen. The Elcometer Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Asstm provides all that is astm d satm carry out the test in the field or in the laboratory.

Elcometer A test is designed to use a ratio of 1: Abrasive manufacturers may have performed laboratory analysis of the product, but this does not satisfy the requirements of SSPC abrasive standards. The following is from the author, John Todd: It is important that the conductivity meter compensate for temperature and that the probe is verified for accuracy astm d a controlled solution with a known conductivity value prior to use. An excerpt from one of the SSPC abrasive blast cleaning standards addressing abrasive cleanliness is shown below: Abrasive selection is a key component to an abrasive blast system.

We never had a big problem. Webprint Printed and bound.

Water soluble salts transferred to the d49400 can cause accelerated rust back, osmotic blistering, under-film corrosion, and premature coating failure. The note in the ASTM D test method was used as an example to demonstrate that the higher aatm number, the more contaminated the abrasive.


The Astm d B is a self-adhesive rubber film patch with a sealed compartment used for taking samples of soluble salts. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts.

Elcometer Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit – ASTM D

The inspector shall ask the blasting team to do blasting job on a test plate of a convenient bigger size and compare with standard panel. This test also reveals whether the abrasive is excessively dirty. The procedure may be used to remove gels and incompatible materials that may cause imperfections in the aetm extruded product.

At least from our experiences. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. This service is not available if you are a URL user where you do not log in with an email address.

This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. The slurry is then poured through filter paper to prevent silt from fouling the probe and conductivity of the filtered extract is measured. Which abrasive cleanliness standard should be used?

Elcometer Bresle Salt Kit A range of products to test the level of contaminants on the surface.

However, many will invoke one of more of the SSPC abrasive blast cleaning standards e. Aastm test shall be repeated till the team is capable of carrying out the desired blasting job. The moment new editions of the standards you monitor are released, changes are made, or appendixes are published, you will be alerted by email. Chloride salts left on the surface before astm d first coat is applied can result in the astm d system being forced off the surface by corrosion or blistering before the full life of the coating has been reached.

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Results are recorded in parts per million ppm requiring no complicated calculations. Transporting, storing, astm d recycling of the media can affect the cleanliness of the abrasive.

April 5, at 3: This allows astm d contractor, inspector, and owner awtm identify any potential issues with the method before it becomes a larger, more costly problem. Although it may not be required by the specification, it is good practice astm d first conduct a test panel asttm confirm the planned method of surface preparation will meet the specification.


If coatings are applied to improperly prepared surfaces, the system is much more likely to fail prematurely. Read more about subscriptions. To ensure that the chloride has been removed it is essential d the surface is tested before the coating is applied. A measured volume of the abrasive is mixed with the same volume of water and agitated to allow any soluble salts to dissolve in the water. Surfaces contaminated with salt are much more likely to experience failures, such as blistering, than non-contaminated surfaces even at relatively low concentrations.

Abrasive blast cleaning is the most common and productive form of surface preparation. Abrasive blast cleaning is the most common and productive form of surface preparation. If coatings are applied to improperly prepared surfaces, the system is much more likely to fail prematurely.