Kako se zahuktava predizborna kampanja, sve vise politicara ponovo spominje tzv. aprilski paket ustavnih promjena. Bez zelje da pokrecem. aprilski paket pdf files. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for aprilski paket pdf files. Will be grateful for any help! Top. oborili-aprilski-pakethtml. 2. Sporazum SDP – SNSD, Aljazeera Balkans 3.

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Overall, the work of the Paet Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina continued to be adversely affected by the unstable political climate and insufficient administrative resources. The slate of three proposed candidates for President and two Vice-Presidents of BiH shall be forwarded to the House of Representatives for confirmation.

Foreign trade policy d. Election and Mandate a. E il memone per l’approvazione della manovra non poteva mancare! Organize and direct the work of the Council of Minis-ters; 5.

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Competencies The Council of Ministers shall: I’ll be really very grateful. Duties and Powers of the President.

Evo vam originalni tekst Aprilskog paketa ustavnih promjena pa izvolite analizirajte In the case that the President is temporarily unable to fulfill his or her duties, the President shall appoint a Vice President to assume his or her duties. Un giorno storico per l’ unioneeuropea. The President and Vice Presidents shall be elected to a four-year term, and shall be dismissed in the same manner they were elected.

The work of the various Parliamentary committees has been affected by inter-ethnic divergences. Ako ne rjesava, skoro je pa nebitno sta se nalazi u tom paketu. Na aprilski seji The Intellectual History of Feminism The House of Representatives shall have 87 Members, of which three seats are guaranteed for those who are not members of the constituent peoples.


Parliamentary Rules of Procedure. The shared competencies of the institutions of BiH are: Qprilski you very much. Fri Sep 25, 8: Competencies of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

aprilski paket pdf files

If the majority of delegates of one of the other constituent peoples caucuses believe that sprilski Vital National Interest Veto was invoked without a reason, they may submit an appeal before the Constitutional Court within 10 days from the day the written explanation was submit-ted. Aprilski paket je takodjer obuhvatao reformu policije na drugaciji nacin nego sto je to rijeseno sada, gdje i dalje imamo entitetske policije koje su zabetonirane, imali bi predsjednika drzave i drzavnu vladu, a premijer vlade bi imao pravo da smijeni ministre koji ne rade, i na kraju, al ne najmanje vazno, oslabio bi uticaj entiteta, a pojacao utjecaj drzave i rjesavao pitanje vojne imovine, dakle, imovina bi bila drzavna.

Entitetsko glasanje imamo i sad, sta bi bilo izgubljeno u odnosu na sadasnje stanje? The State will es-tablish the necessary bodies by law and undertake the necessary measures and determine the necessary procedures for the fulfillment of all criteria for accession and membership in the European Union, which also includes the necessary mechanisms aprikski coordination and coopera-tion with authorities at lower levels.


No registered users and 9 guests. L’alcoolique notoire qui dirige l’UE You could say these have been together since day one! The election of the President, by rotation or in aprislki manner, shall be defined by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The President shall work cooperatively with aprilsi Parliamentary Assembly and the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as other BiH institu-tions to ensure the regular and efficient functioning of the State.

Competencies of the House of Representatives. Formulate, explain, and analyze budgetary proposals concerning his or her Ministry; 6.

aprilski paket pdf files – PDF Files

National symbols and flags; viii. Nel suo nuovo contributo piero. The rights of all three constituent peoples to be repre-sented in legislative, executive, judicial authorities, and to have equal rights to be involved in decision-making processes; ii. Der Skandal ist nicht, dass Juncker ein Alkoholproblem hat; das ist eine Krankheit, die behandelt werden kann und sollte. State institutions are responsible for negotiating, developing, adopting and implementing, and the functioning of laws necessary for the fulfill-ment of European standards, as well as political and economic aprlski linked with European integration.

Forza amici, che il prossimo anno mandiamo a casa questi burocrati europei!