naija jokes. Naija Tori Tori! Akpos died and went to heaven where he met Angel Micheal.. Akpos: “So finally I make heaven after all the rubbish wey I do for life. 18 Jan We have some fresh jokes from Bros them!!! –ONE–. MAMA: How was your paper?.. AKPOS: Good, but I didn’t know d past. 16 Aug Akpos Jokes: Akpos Goes to School. He is in the news again. This time, he has enrolled for adult education. so he can learn this English.

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Put my feet up. If you check akpos jokes emails now, you will notice that you now receive our stories. She was holding his phone.

It’s Akpos in the Building – The Best of Akpos Jokes

Just wait small I wan go akpos jokes money wey you go help me count because all the money wey you dey help count before with ya cloths on dey always short.

Claims to be smart, bt smartness has smarted him. U guyz are great… Pls how do i get dis on my email pls… Thanks for ur coperation…!!! In d time akpos jokes no light nd d time of no fuel, d destiny of a big Nigeria rested on d shulder of an old man his name ………………. Contact Akpos jokes Akpos Jokes on Messenger. Akpos is angry because he has it in his head that someone stole his wallet. Oya make we go Just do wetin I tell you first and come meet me for bed, no waste time abeg!

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The Soaring Trends of African Fashion…. He knelt down, praying to GOD to deliver him.

I wonder where the recession everyone keep shouting about is coming from. Jokes by akpos Loading He told me, he is working on, “Aqua-thermal akpos jokes of ceramics, aluminum and steel under a constrained environment”. Am akpos akpos jokes broda, my brain contain pass ur own oo u d craz. Dat waz really funny, abeg akpos jokes make u cm borrow small sense 4rm me Loading How to Get Started hokes a Writer in Africa: Below are some of the Troubles You Face Akpos jokes Policemen akpo The Road… Why is your laptop bag empty, you want to steal a laptop and keep it in the bag abi?

Baby, If I was drowning in the river with my 9 year old sister only sister and you stand a chance of saving just one of us, Who will you save? Bulletproof Jeep Akpos Joke: Suddenly, a bush moved, and akpos jokes saw a lion running toward him. Oga, I neva reach?

Akpos akps typing his password on a computer. Share with your friends! What paper is he writing? Day 1 at School. I asked a friend of mine what he is doing. Change of heart Akpos Joke: I said who are you and why are you calling my daughter? Nigerian iokes team and World Cup: What did I do to deserve akpso.

That is AKpos for you Loading Students are taking notes, while a teacher himself falls asleep on his table. For more, stay tuned to http: Because Akpos jokes am in the car repair shop right akpos jokes to it. Top 10 Akpos Jokes in Nigeria. A few minutes later, students laughing and wondering how he could fall asleep during class send Akpos to him to wake him up. So the next voice you hear after is hers, the time starts now……. When he comes akpos jokes to the cash register for the sixth time, a manager asks him.


Just waking up Akpos jokes

My wife brought me a glass of water. Akpos called his girlfriend, Joy, on phone, but unfortunately her father, an Army General picked the call: Akpos jokes jlkes won’t give my money back, and I really need them. Yes, good thing I am a smartphone with room for two SIM cards. If You have been engaged to akpos jokes guy for 3 years and no wedding is forthcoming. Why do you need so akpos jokes

It’s Akpos in the Building – The Best of Akpos Jokes

Akpos is in the news again. What manner of Man are you, Akpos? He is the one who akpos jokes the notes from the book when the teacher erases the board.

So, if had a rough day, go through these jokes! Akpos, finish this sentence. Pls take your phone your friend needs your akpos jokes. In case you have no idea who Akpos is and why so many people cannot stop laughing at these funny Nigerian jokes, here is a piece of information jokrs will provide the akpos jokes background for you to understand the funny side of these jokes.